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Published : 2014-12-20 (over 3 years Ago) - Last updated over 2 years Ago

50 Funniest york facts

Enjoy these fun, incredible, interesting, awesome and random york facts.

1. New York is area code 212 and LA is 213 and Chicago 312 because the largest cities got the quick­est num­bers to dial on a rotary phone.
2. Carrying a condom is sufficient evidence to be arrested for prostitution in New York.
3. Not New York, but Alaska, has the largest percentage of people who walk to their jobs.
4. California, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and Texas are the 5 most haunted states.
5. New Yorkers bite 10 times more people than sharks do worldwide.
6. During an experiment at New York University, a robotic fish was accepted by other fish and became their leader.
7. According to a study, liberals favor CNN, MSNBC, National Public Radio and The New York Times as news sources.
8. If New York City were its own country and the NYPD was its army, it would be the twentieth best funded army in the world.
9. Pinball Machines were illegal in New York City during 35 years around the same time as prohibition which led to "Pinball Speakeasies."
10. By 2025, China will have 10 New York sized cities.
11. Water boils faster in Denver, Colorado, than it does in New York, New York.
12. The average lifespan of a pointe shoe for the dancers in the New York City Ballet is 2 days, with 8, 500 shoes used in a season.
13. In New York, there is a new regulation that makes it legal for pet owners to be buried with their deceased animals in pet cemeteries.
14. The average Wall Street salary in 2012 was $360, 700, the average salary in New York City was $69, 200.
15. There are so many restaurants in New York City that someone could eat out every night of their life and never eat the same restaurant twice.
16. There are no Walmarts in New York City.
17. When flying from London to New York by Concord, due to the time zones crossed, you can arrive 2 hours before you leave
18. IP addresses linked to the New York Police Department have been used to sanitize Wikipedia entries about cases of police brutality.
19. There are no Wal Marts in New York City.
20. On average, people living in New York take more steps during the summer and winter than people of any other state.
21. In New York City, police statistics show that approximately 1, 600 people are bitten by other humans every year.
22. Around 1, 600 New Yorkers are bitten every year by other New Yorkers
23. Researchers have identified 15, 152 different types of life forms living on the New York subway.
24. 1 out of every 21 New Yorkers is a millionaire.
25. One out of every 21 New Yorkers is a millionaire.
26. In New York, it is against the law for a blind person to drive an automobile.
27. More people commit suicide in New York City than are murdered.
28. According the the New York Times, 17% of people regret getting a tattoo.
29. When Robin Williams was first starting out, he performed as a mime outside the New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art to make money.
30. MDIF, a New York based non profit, is planning to beam free wifi to the whole world from space.
31. The sparrow was imported to New York in 1850 to deal with an excess of treeworms
32. Florida just passed New York and is now the 3rd most populous state in the US.
33. New York is currently the most unhappy city in America.
34. Robert De Niro used to be part of a New York Street gang.
35. On this day in 1988 a Pan Am flight from London to New York exploded in mid air killing everyone on board.
36. When Einstein published his Theory of General Relativity, the New York Times sent their golfing correspondent to interview him.
37. The ties bought in America for Father's Day each year would stretch from New York to Rome.
38. New York City drifts about one inch away from Europe every year.
39. In 1969, Apollo 11 returned from the Moon in half the time it took to get from Boston to New York by stagecoach in 1769.
40. The popular Los Angeles beverage Original New York Express Iced Coffee is made in a factory in Singapore.
41. The Dallas/Ft. Worth airport is larger than New York City's Manhattan Island.
42. Manhattan Island of New York City was purchased for $24 from the Algonquian Indians in 1624.
43. The Louvre is the third biggest museum in the world after the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York and the Hermitage in St Petersburg.
44. In New York City, approximately 1, 600 people are bitten by other humans every year.
45. It takes about 63, 000 trees to make the newsprint for the average Sunday edition of The New York Times.
46. New York's Central Park is nearly twice the size of the entire country of Monaco.
47. Kermit the frog delivered the commencement address at Southampton College located in the state of New York in 1996.
48. Over one million stray dogs live in the New York City metropolitan area.
49. The New York Stock Exchange started as a coffee shop.
50. The Zip Code 12345 is assigned to General Electric in Schenectady, New York.
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