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Top 100 Best woman facts

Enjoy these fun, incredible, interesting, awesome and random woman facts.

1. A couple robbing a store were identified because the woman filled out an entry form for a free trip prior to robbing the...
2. There was a woman who was pregnant for 17 months 11 days and is recorded as the longest human pregnancy ever.
3. The most children born to one woman was 69 Before dying at the age of 40, the woman had 16 twins, 7 triplets and 4 quadruplets.
4. In Ancient Greece, throwing an apple to a woman was considered a marriage proposal.
5. Once a woman occupies a top management position at a business, the chances of another woman being hired to a similar position drop by 50%.
6. The first woman to earn a PhD in Computer Science in the United States also earned a Masters in Math & Physics. She was a Catholic nun.
7. Jerrie Mock was the first woman to fly a plane solo around the world she disliked the spotlight so much, hardly anyone knew about it.
8. In 1991, a brain dead woman was kept on life support and later had a healthy baby.
9. In 2015, an agoraphobic woman who had ventured outside only twice in 10 years briefly stepped out of her home and fell into an open manhole.
10. Breastfeeding a baby may reduce a woman’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by 22%, a study says.
11. Bart Simpson, from the famous TV show, The Simpsons, has his voice done by a woman, Nancy Cartwright.
12. Men give more generously if the asker is an attractive woman and when they see other men giving big donations, a study finds.
13. The word �slut� was originally used to describe a woman who didn�t keep her room clean.
14. Traditionally, men walk with a woman on his left arm so that his sword arm would be free in case of a duel.
15. Eliminating the pay gap in the U.S. would give a woman enough money to pay for about 86 more weeks of food and 7.6 more months of mortgage.
16. Ancient Egyptians had a 70% accurate method for detecting pregnancy: a woman would pee on some seeds—if they sprouted, she was pregnant.
17. The Dimples of Venus are the dimples on a woman’s back and are considered as a mark of beauty.
18. After her boyfriend dumped her, a woman in China ate chicken at a KFC for an entire week to mourn.
19. A woman in France received a cell phone bill for $15 quadrillion ($15, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000).
20. An online dating survey revealed that 81% of men preferred a woman with a relaxed and natural looking hairstyle as opposed to all glammed up
21. The average U.S. woman is 5’4” and weighs 140 pounds The average model is 5’11” and weighs 117 pounds.
22. Research has shown that while viewing porn, men tend to focus on a woman’s eyes and lips.
23. Wonder Woman was originally formed out of clay by her mother and brought to life by the Greek gods.
24. When a woman is attracted to a man, she speaks in a higher pitch than normal.
25. A woman in Australia faced a 14 year jail sentence for carrying pepper spray.
26. A woman donated a kidney to her boss, who then fired her when she took too long recover from the operation.
27. After 60 years of pregnancy a 92 year old woman in China delivered a stone.
28. The more educated a woman is, the more likely she is to be a heavy drinker.
29. When a man spots a woman he finds attractive, he holds his gaze for about 8.2 seconds.
30. A woman who had a phantom itch so persistent and severe in her scalp, she scratched through her skull while she slept, damaging her brain.
31. According to a recent research done on 16000 women, the more curvy a woman, the more intelligent she is.
32. Men are 35% more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer than a woman is to be diagnosed with breast cancer.
33. Bartenders are more likely to over serve drunk patrons if the bar is poorly lit, the music is loud, and the patron is a woman.
34. A man is 35% more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer than a woman is to be diagnosed with breast cancer.
35. The average woman’s uterus expands up to five hundred times its normal size during pregnancy.
36. The word “slut” was originally used to describe a woman who didn’t keep her room clean.
37. Jamaica, Columbia, and St. Lucia are the only countries where a boss is more likely to be a woman than a man.
38. The woman that experienced the real Amityville horror died while the remake was being filmed.
39. In Norse, the name Siri means "a beautiful woman that leads you to victory."
40. Your nose can remember nearly 50, 000 different scents and if you are a woman, on average, your nose can remember more than men.
41. A survey found that media images of black women fell into 1 of 4 categories: Angry Black Woman, Baby Momma, Uneducated Help, or Unhealthy.
42. If a woman became president, her husband would be called the "First Gentleman."
43. The average woman in the UK owns 19 pairs of shoes, but wears only 7.
44. Ellen DeGeneres was only the second woman to ever host the Oscars on her own. The first was Whoopi Goldberg.
45. Google has to be a woman... It starts suggesting things before you can even finish your sentence
46. Mae Jemison, the first African American woman to go to space, was also the first real astronaut to appear on "Star Trek."
47. Psychology says that the more attractive a woman is, the more impaired the brains of surrounding males become.
48. Men are attracted to screen names that convey physical attractiveness, like "Blondie, " while woman prefer intelligent names like "Cultured."
49. A woman is quick to reject a man that lives with his mother, but will accept a man that lives with his wife.
50. Al "Scarface" Capone got his infamous scars when he told a woman "You got a nice ass" in front of her brother while working at a bar.
51. Whore Definition: A woman who sleeps with everyone but you. Sentence: "She slept with Jim? What a whore!"
52. In Ancient Greece, it was common practice for men to have male lovers until they were 30 or so, then settle down with a woman and have kids.
53. One woman dies every hour in India because of dowry related crimes.
54. In early Germany, natural red hair was considered to be a sure sign that a woman was a witch.
55. bo$$ ass bitch A boss ass bitch is a woman who goes above and beyond simply being a bad bitch.
56. When a woman ejaculates large amounts of liquid during orgasm, the liquid mostly consists of urine.
57. A New Mexico woman bought a van in the early 2000s, but during recent repair work, found 13 pounds of 15 year old marijuana in the door.
58. Ancient Greeks believed pregnancy could be prevented if a woman held her breath during intercourse and sneezed afterwards.
59. Mothers Day was created to honor mothers who had passed away.The woman who created it regretted what it had become.
60. For every $5000 extra a woman earns over her partner, their risk of divorce goes up by 5%.
61. The average amount of time a woman can keep a secret is 47 hours and 15 minutes
62. A woman died after holding in her pee for a radio contest called "Hold your Wee for a Wii."
63. A survey on online dating revealed that men are 65% more likely to want to meet a woman if she wears eye makeup in her profile picture.
64. A 109 year old woman from Scotland says her secret to a long life is porridge, exercise and hard work whilst avoiding men and marriage.
65. There is a woman named, "Marijuana Pepsi Jackson" – She has never smoked and prefers orange soda.
66. In 2011, a woman tried to sell her two children on eBay and people had actually placed bids on them before it was taken down.
67. Psychology shows that a man is more likely to ask a woman out and spend money on her if she is wearing red
68. The average woman smiles 62 times a day. The average man only smiles eight times
69. A woman will own an average of 111 handbags in her lifetime.
70. Taylor Swift is the first woman in history to release two albums that sold more than one million copies in their opening week.
71. In Texas, a 52 yr old woman was arrested for being found guilty of sending threats and harassing texts to herself.
72. Men would traditionally walk with a woman on his left arm, so his right hand could be free for his sword in case of a duel.
73. A woman in England was run off a cliff by her own flock of sheep.
74. A woman is more likely to want to commit adultery right before ovulation than at any other time in her cycle.
75. A woman once donated a kidney to her boss and she was fired soon after.
76. A 33 year old South Carolina woman was arrested after beating up a man for farting in her face.
77. A British woman with asthma coughed so violently that one of her lungs slipped out of her chest between two of her ribs.
78. The average woman smiles 62 times a day. The average man smiles only 8 times.
79. The more complex the song, the greater the composer’s chances of getting a woman to sleep with him.
80. A woman was arrested after allegedly beating up a man for farting in her face.
81. According to a recent study done on 16, 000 women, the more curvy a woman is, the more intelligent she is.
82. The average woman will spend one full year of her lifetime trying to decide what to wear
83. The average amount of time a woman can keep a secret is 47 hours and 15 minutes.
84. John Lennon admitted he used to be cruel to his woman and hit her as a youngster.
85. Cuddling literally puts a woman in a peaceful state of mind, reduces stress
86. What a woman eats can increase her chance of twins by up to 40%
87. In 2006, a woman farted on a plane and tried to cover up the smell by lighting matches, causing an emergency landing.
88. ET was voiced by a woman who smoked two cigarette packs a day; so that was her real voice.
89. If you complain about not being able to find a good man/woman to date, look at what you bring to the table. It might explain a few things
90. Bob Marley gave the credit for "No Woman, No Cry" to a friend who ran a soup kitchen, to ensure the royalty checks would keep it open.
91. A woman once farted on a plane and tried to cover up the smell by lighting matches, which caused an emergency landing.
92. The average woman in the UK will own 111 handbags in her lifetime.
93. The more children a woman has, the more likely she is to have missing teeth.
94. The average woman spends nearly one year of her lifetime deciding what to wear.
95. The most children born to one woman is 69. A Russian woman gave birth to 16 sets of twins, 7 sets of triplets, & 4 sets of quadruple
96. If your girlfriend catches you looking at another woman, turn to her and say “I’m glad you don’t dress like that.”
97. A woman in Kansas once got a vibrator stuck in her urethra.
98. The average female porn star is a 5’5″ brunette woman who weighs 117 lbs and has B cup breasts.
99. When a woman is speaking to a man she finds attractive, she naturally speaks in a higher pitch.
100. In Colombia, one woman is reportedly killed by her partner or former partner every six days.
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