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21 Unbelievable venom facts

Enjoy these fun, incredible, interesting, awesome and random venom facts.

1. One gram of king cobra venom can kill 150 people.
2. Daddy longlegs are not actually spiders and have no venom.
3. Black widow venom is only lethal in 5 percent of cases when the victim receives no antivenom.
4. The spider family Uloboridae does not produce venom. Instead, it crushes its prey to death.
5. The venom of a poison arrow frog can kill approximately 2, 200 people.
6. There is a snake venom that causes you to bleed from all holes of your body.
7. Just a gram of the venom of the king cobra has enough potency to kill 150 people!
8. If attacked, a lionfish delivers a potent venom via its needle like dorsal fins.
9. The venom of a stonefish can kill a human in two hours.
10. There are only 2 venomous lizards: the Gila monster and the Mexican Bearded Lizard.
11. The male platypus has venom strong enough to can kill a small dog, or cause excruciating pain among humans.
12. The venom in 1 bite from a Fierce Snake could kill 250, 000 mice.
13. The book scorpion doesn’t even have a tail stinger. It delivers its venom through its front claws instead.
14. There are giant hornets in Japan whose venom is so potent it can melt human flesh. *bzzz*
15. The black widow’s venom is 15 times more deadly than a rattlesnake’s.
16. The blue sea slug preys on the poisonous Portuguese man of war and steals its venom so that it too can have a deadly sting.
17. The Japanese liquor, Mam, uses venomous snakes as one of its main engredients.
18. The sting from a killer bee contains less venom than the sting from a regular bee.
19. The venom of a small scorpion is much more toxic than the venom of a large scorpion.
20. The venom of the king cobra is so deadly that just one gram of it can kill 150 people.
21. There are some species of snails that are extremely venomous.
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