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Published : 2014-12-20 (over 3 years Ago) - Last updated over 2 years Ago

38 Awesome uk facts

Enjoy these fun, incredible, interesting, awesome and random uk facts.

1. In 2008, a married couple in the UK realized they were twins separated at birth.
2. The name of the official state fish of Hawaii = Humuhumunukunukuapua.
3. U.S. police killed more people in March, 2015, than the entire UK police have killed since 1900.
4. According to a UK study, 72% of women prefer a man with a little excess flab, as opposed to a man with a more chiseled, fit physique.
5. Mike Duke, the CEO of Walmart, makes more in an hour than his employees do in a year.
6. When news broke of Zayn Malik leaving One Direction, 220 people in the UK phoned the Employer Advice Service requesting compassionate leave.
7. Norway exports camels to the UK, the US and Canada
8. A UK study found that mushrooms (psilocybin) cause the least amount of damage when compared to other recreational drugs.
9. In an average year in the UK, trousers cause twice as many accidents as chainsaws.
10. 90% of baby changing tables in public UK bathrooms tested positive for cocaine.
11. With a natural decrease in population of .8% annually, between now and 2050 Ukraine is expected to lose around 30% of its people.
12. The UK is the first country in the world to allow the creation of babies from the DNA of three people.
13. A 1999 UK study found that 3, 000 people were hospitalized after tripping over laundry baskets.
14. The average woman in the UK owns 19 pairs of shoes, but wears only 7.
15. Around 52 million eggs are used in the UK on Pancake Day, which is 22 million more than usual.
16. "Kakakku kata kuku kaki kiriku kaku ku kikis kuku kaki kiriku." is the toughest tongue twister in Malay.
17. The Gerenuk, a species of antelope, can stand on 2 legs to achieve heights up to 8 feet to reach food.
18. The child actor who plays the carefree Luke Dunphy on Modern Family is a member of high IQ society Mensa and is ready to start college.
19. An 8 year old won $1000 and gave it all away to his 2 year old neighbor who has leukemia.
20. In the UK you are legally required to stop if you run over a dog, but not a cat.
21. The "F" bomb traces back to the Norwegian "fukka" and Swedish "focka", both meaning "to copulate."
22. The UK spent the equivalent of $15.8 billion USD in a health service computer system that failed and was shut down in 2013.
23. The South Park song "Chocolate Salty Balls" reached number one one the UK Singles Chart.
24. The average woman in the UK will own 111 handbags in her lifetime.
25. Kakakku kata kuku kaki kiriku kaku ku kikis kuku kaki kiriku. is the toughest tongue twister in Malay.
26. One in seven UK banknotes contain traces of anal bacteria.
27. The average online UK consumer watches 300 videos on YouTube per month
28. Wolves can swallow food and not digest it, so they can puke it up for their children to eat at home
29. Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu is the longest place name in English.
30. In the UK, accents change noticeably about every 25 miles.
31. The striped kukri snake earns its name from its fangs, which look like the Kukri knives used by the Nepali army.
32. The highest jump by a pig is 70cm (27.5in), achieved by pot bellied pig Kotetsu at the Mokumoku Tedsukuri Farm, Japan.
33. The Irukandji jellyfish is only 2.5 centimetres in diameter, but can cause death to humans within days.
34. Teddy Roosevelt was shot by a would be assassin while giving a speech in Milwaukee, but continued to speak with the bullet in his chest.
35. The UK retail industry makes 250 million a year from gift cards that no one redeems.
36. Fewer than 5% of blind or visually impaired people in the UK can read Braille.
37. SONY was originally called 'Totsuken'.
38. The first ever patent in the UK was Aaron Rathbone & Roger Burges, Map makers in 1618.
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