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72 Incredible tv facts

Enjoy these fun, incredible, interesting, awesome and random tv facts.

1. There are more than 1500 newspapers, 1100 magazines, 9000 radio stations, 1500 TV stations, 2400 publishers, owned by only 3 corporations.
2. The first remote control was produced in 1950. It was called the Lazy Bone and it was connected to the TV by a wire.
3. Sitting too close to the TV will not ruin your eyesight.
4. In June 1999, Bhutan became the last nation on earth to introduce TV—an unprecedented crime wave followed.
5. 90% of U.S. media (TV, radio, news) is owned by only 6 corporations.
6. Before color TV was invented, a vast majority of the population used to dream in black and white.
7. Dr. Oz said his TV series, "The Dr. Oz Show, " "is not a medical show."
8. R.I.P Keith Harris (the ventriloquist famous for his TV appearances with Orville the duck), who has died aged 67.
9. Bart Simpson, from the famous TV show, The Simpsons, has his voice done by a woman, Nancy Cartwright.
10. More than half the foods advertised to kids on TV do not meet U.S. recommended government nutrition guidelines.
11. Most of the people feel uncomfortable when the TV volume is not divisible by 2 or 5 and nobody knows why.
12. The average U.S. home receives 189 TV channels, yet consistently tunes in to an average of just 17.
13. It is estimated that TV show "30 Rock" has an average of 9.57 jokes packed into every minute.
14. The show "Survivor" has been on TV for 29 seasons.
15. Before her reality TV days, Kim Kardashian ran a closet organizing service through eBay. Paris Hilton was one of her first clients.
16. Both Maggie and Rick from "The Walking Dead" TV show are played by British actors.
17. Dog TV is a television channel designed specifically to keep dogs entertained and stimulated while you go about your day.
18. If your TV is smaller than 75 inches and you normally sit 10 feet away, 4K resolution is useless.
19. Kids today don’t know how easy they have it. When I was young, I had to walk 9 feet through shag carpet to change the TV channel.
20. Hodor from the TV show "Game of Thrones" is a successful DJ in real life.
21. NASA inventions: memory foam, freeze dried food, smoke detectors, water filters, joysticks, cordless tools, satellite TV.
22. 50% of Netflix users watch an entire season of a TV show in less than a week.
23. Hit TV show "Lost" was greenlit based on a one line concept from an ABC network president, having little backstory or plot.
24. The Muppet Show was banned from TV in Saudi Arabia because one of its stars was Miss Piggy
25. 50% of Netflix users watch an entire season of a TV show in less than one week.
26. Kids who watch 3 or more hours of TV every day are more likely to lie, cheat and become bullies by the second grade.
27. David Palmer, U.S. president in the TV show "24, " has an approval rating of 89%, while Barack Obama has an approval rating of 46%.
28. Children who watch a lot of TV at age 10 are 42% more likely to spend more than three hours a day watching TV as adults.
29. By the end of the TV show “Friends, ” Joey owed Chandler about $114, 260.
30. The very next day when 9/11 happened, Russell Brand dressed up as Osama Bin Laden, came to the MTV studios and he got fired.
31. You burn more calories sleeping than you do watching TV
32. 48.5% of leading actors in broadcast scripted TV shows are women, according to the Hollywood Diversity Report.
33. Over the past 12 years, non white TV writers have increased by 4.9%, while female TV writers have increased by 2.2%.
34. The first three episodes of the TV show "Empire" spawned 46 trending topics on Twitter.
35. Throughout the span of the TV show "Parks and Recreation, " Leslie eats or mentions waffles 24 times.
36. The TV Show "Seinfeld" made US$2.7 billion on reruns through June 2010 since it went off the air in 1998.
37. Throughout the entire run of TV show "Parks & Recreation, " Jerry screws up 95 times.
38. In 14 years of the TV show "Pokémon, " Ash Ketchum has never made it past the semi finals of the Pokémon League — but he has 52 badges.
39. By the end of the TV show "Friends, " Joey owed Chandler about $114, 260.
40. In many countries you need to pay annually for a TV licence to be able to watch TV.
41. A Baltimore TV producer once told Oprah that she was "unfit for television news."
42. Season two is the only season of the TV series "Friends" where there is no episode on Thanksgiving Day.
43. Bill Nye was a stand up comedian before he became the "Science Guy" on TV.
44. Cher was the first actress to show her belly button on TV in 1975.
45. Ellen DeGeneres turned down the role of Phoebe Buffay in the TV show "Friends."
46. Two danish kids went on a backpack trip to japan with no plans, ended up stars in a Japanese tv show.
47. Betty White holds the world record for the longest TV career for a female entertainer.
48. Studies show that watching TV negatively affects self confidence in girls, especially girls of color.
49. Montclair State University has offered a class called, "How to watch TV."
50. By the time an average American child leaves school, they have seen over 40, 000 murders on TV.
51. 95% of people feel uncomfortable when the TV volume is an odd number.
52. Kids that watch TV for 3 or more hours a day at the age of 5 tend to have discipline and basic conduct issues by the age of 7.
53. Nick Cannon started his career doing stand up comedy on the Baptist TV channel run by his dad.
54. 81% of the people feel uncomfortable when the tv volume is an odd number!
55. By the time an average child leaves school in the U.S., they have seen about 40, 000 murders on TV.
56. In most countries you need to pay annually for a TV license to be able to watch TV.
57. Body part models (hands, legs, etc.) earn around $1, 000 a day for TV commercials, and between $2, 000 $5, 000 a day for print work.
58. Excessive TV watching in childhood has been linked to antisocial and even criminal behavior later in life.
59. 50% of Netflix users watch an entire season of a TV show in just one week.
60. The TV show "16 and pregnant" and spin offs may have prevented about 20, 000 teen pregnancies in 2010, a study says.
61. Each episode of the TV show "The Big Bang Theory" is filmed in front of a real audience. No laugh track is used.
62. There are only four TV stations in North Korea.
63. my graduation speech: "i would like to thank all the singers, bands, tv shows, movies, books, and fanfics that helped me survive this hell"
64. Most adults who watch TV three hours or more a day double their risk of premature death.
65. Recycling one aluminum beverage can save enough energy to run a TV for 2 hours.
66. Anxiety sufferers are much more sensitive to disturbing scenes on TV and take longer to calm down.
67. 3 year olds who are exposed to more TV have an increased risk of aggressive behavior.
68. A woman was found dead on the couch of her London apartment 3 years after her death. The TV was still on.
69. A dog has the same ecological footprint as two Toyota Landcruisers: a cat the same environmental effect as a Volkswagen Golf: two hamsters the same as a plasma TV.
70. The first TV commercial showed a Bulova watch ticking onscreen for exactly 60 seconds.
71. The Muppet Show was banned from Saudi Arabian TV becuase one if its stars was a pig.
72. The Muppet Show was banned from Saudi Arabian TV becuase one if its stars was a pig.
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