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61 Incredible taste facts

Enjoy these fun, incredible, interesting, awesome and random taste facts.

1. I’ve been wondering, do your lips taste as good as they look?
2. There is a neurological condition called "Synesthesia" in which a patient can actually see, smell and taste lyrics while listening to music.
3. Humans are unable to taste pure water, but it does have a taste.
4. There are people who can actually see, smell and physically taste music it is called "synesthesia."
5. Your music taste is such a turn on
6. A synesthete is a disability that causes people to taste shapes, see music etc. To such a person �1996� has a pleasant apple like fragrance.
7. Taste is influenced by color. Scientists have found that hot chocolate tastes better in an orange colored cup.
8. A Komodo dragon can taste another animal from over two miles away.
9. Babies have three times as many taste buds as adults.
10. Synesthesia is a neurological condition that can cause a person to see, smell and taste music.
11. Corn used to be a bitter fruit 19mm short – human manipulation changed it to the size and taste we are used to today.
12. Without its smell, coffee would have only a sour or bitter taste due to the organic acids.
13. Eating pine nuts can ruin everything you taste for the next two weeks.
14. There’s a massive cloud full of alcohol in the center of our galaxy. It would smell like rum and taste like raspberries.
15. Your taste in music is something that develops through experience and is not something you are born with.
16. If you mix a drop of lemon juice with 129, 000 drops of water, your tongue will still be able to detect the taste of lemon.
17. Approximately 80 90% of what we perceive as “taste” comes from our sense of smell.
18. Your taste buds are replaced every 10 days.
19. The "meth" that Jesse Pinkman smokes in Breaking Bad is actually rock candy and tastes like burnt cotton candy when smoked.
20. Be sure to taste your words before you spit them out.
21. Honey is the only food that does not spoil. Honey found in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs has been tasted by archaeologists and found edible
22. Many butterflies can taste with feet to find out whether the leaf they sit on is good to lay eggs on to be their caterpillars food or not.
23. Sound can affect taste. Higher frequency sounds make things taste more sweet, while low frequency sounds bring bitterness.
24. By the age of 60, most people will have lost about half their taste buds.
25. An onion rubbed on your feet will be tasted within the next 30 60 minutes. This is because your bloodstream carries it to your tongue.
26. Panda bears eat bamboo largely because they have no umami taste receptors — meat tastes bland to them.
27. Insects often like to taste the human before they bite.
28. A study claims that Instagramming your food before eating it may make it taste better.
29. A blind taste test found most people are unable to tell the difference between a cheap wine and an expensive one.
30. Studies show that sandwiches actually taste better when other people make them for you, when we make food we get desensitized to the smell.
31. Sugar is the only taste that humans are born craving.
32. BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE: Posting photos of your food to Instagram before eating it, makes it taste better.
33. The Pineberry is a white strawberry that tastes like a pineapple.
34. About 15 to 25 percent of all Americans are supertasters, people who have more taste buds than the rest of us.
35. The taste of the fluid produced by beavers anal glands is like raspberry and it is used in food flavoring.
36. Catfish have over 27, 000 taste buds. Humans have around 7, 000.
37. Splenda was an insecticide that became a sweetener when a lab assistant misheard an instruction to "test it" as "taste it."
38. Catfish use their whole entire body to taste.
39. Putting wine in a blender for 20 seconds is a method of aeration that soften the tannins in the wine and can make cheap wine taste amazing
40. There is a fruit native to South America called "ice cream bean" that tastes like vanilla ice cream.
41. Sugar is the only taste humans are born craving.
42. "I did shrooms at a pool and the water tasted like a blue raspberry lollipop and I kept licking the water and people were staring at me" SC
43. Your taste in music represents what your mood would sound like if you could hear it.
44. According to findings by astronomers, space tastes like raspberries.
45. You cannot taste food unless it is mixed with saliva
46. We are subconsciously more attracted to people who have the same music taste as we do.
47. A man named John Harrison has tasted samples of 200 million gallons of ice cream and his taste buds are insured for $1 million.
48. Bacon has six tastes in one, making it unlike any other food.
49. Approximately 80 90% of what we perceive as "taste" comes from our sense of smell.
50. Human meat looks, smells, feels and tastes similar to veal so much so that the average person cannot tell the difference.
51. Yogurt tastes denser and more expensive when eaten with a plastic spoon.
52. Sandwiches taste better when someone else makes them because when you make your own, you anticipate its taste and become less hungry for it.
53. When is an orange green? When it's a Valencia! Sometimes warm weather causes the skin to regreen, or reabsorb chlorophyll, giving it a greenish color. But it will still taste great.
54. An apple, potato, and onion all taste the same if you eat them with your nose plugged.
55. A marine catfish can taste with any part of its body.
56. Butterflies taste with their feet.
57. By the age of 60, most people have lost 50% of their taste buds.
58. Cats cannot taste sweet things.
59. Girls have more tastebuds than boys.
60. The average tastebud lives only 10 days before it dies and is replaced by a new one.
61. Unlike dogs, pigs, and some other mammals, humans cannot taste water. They taste only the chemicals and impurities in the water.
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