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82 Funny sold facts

Enjoy these fun, incredible, interesting, awesome and random sold facts.

1. Elvis Presley is regarded as the best selling individual artist of all time, with over 500 million records sold.
2. In Canada, milk can be sold in plastic bags and jugs
3. James Cameron sold the rights to The Terminator for $1, with the condition that he (Cameron) would direct it.
4. Coca Cola only sold 25 bottles the first year but kept going. Never give up. #motivation
5. A teenager in China sold his kidney to buy an iPad
6. The inventor of the chocolate chip cookie sold the idea to Nestle Toll House in return for a lifetime supply of chocolate.
7. The two brothers who invented the Hot Pocket sold the company for $2.6 billion.
8. Peter III, ruler of Russia, hanged a large rat in public because it had eaten his toy soldiers, he was age 25.
9. Only 2% of the clothing sold in America is made in America.
10. An army of 10, 000 clay soldiers were created in 200 B.C, by a Chinese emperor and were supposed to protect him in the afterlife.
11. WWI allied soldiers would fire thousands of rounds at random over the German trenches to boil the water in their machine guns to make tea.
12. 60% (50 of 83) of the restaurants that appeared on Kitchen Nightmares have been sold or shutdown.
13. Before Sylvester Stallone sold the script for Rocky, he was homeless & sold his dog for $50. A week later, he bought his dog back for $3000.
14. William Shatner sold his kidney stone to a website for $25, 000.
15. The contractor who used to make the Medal of Honor once illegally sold 300 for $75 each.
16. The only vegetable that is never sold frozen, canned, processed, cooked, or in any other form but fresh is lettuce.
17. Child soldiers participate in about three quarters of all the ongoing conflicts in the world.
18. During a Civil War battle, both armies completely stopped to watch two soldiers fight to the death.
19. 80% of antibiotics sold are used for meat and poultry production.
20. One jar of Nutella is sold every 2.5 seconds in the world.
21. Audio experts could not tell the difference between $100 Monster speaker cables and cables made from soldering together old coat hangers.
22. Male war heroes who have received medals are more attractive to females than typical soldiers, according to several studies.
23. Suicide bombings in Iraq killed 60 times as many civilians as it did soldiers.
24. The first thing ever to be sold on the Internet was marijuana.
25. In the U.S., the band Creed has sold more records than Jimi Hendrix.
26. A restaurant in London once sold ice cream made with breast milk.
27. An animal breeding experts were sent to Africa by Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, to try to produce an army of half man, half monkey soldiers
28. The NES sold so many games that if you stacked them on top of each other, the tower would be over 6, 000 miles high.
29. Women buy 4 out of every 10 condoms sold.
30. Live lobsters are sold in vending machines in Japan.
31. More U.S. soldiers committed suicide in Afghanistan than were killed in action there in 2012.
32. The first recorded mooning happened in 66 AD, when a Roman soldier mooned a group of Jews and started a riot.
33. When termite soldiers detect a threat, they tap warning signals to the colony.
34. Russian soldiers do not wear socks they wrap a piece of cloth around their feet. Socks will finally be introduced this year.
35. More than twice as much chocolate is sold for Halloween than for Valentines Day.
36. American Civil War soldiers had a code of honor that forbade shooting at men while they were pooping.
37. 40% of all bottled water sold in the world is actually tap water.
38. During WWII, Nazi soldiers were fed massive quantities of methamphetamine for increased alertness and endurance.
39. Until 2012, no beer with over 6% alcohol by volume could be sold in Mississippi (which excludes most micro brews). The limit is now 10.2%.
40. Many people who received their pre ordered iPhone 6 Plus sold it on eBay for as high as $6, 000.
41. 20 percent of U.S. soldiers in Vietnam had become addicted to heroin during the Vietnam War.
42. Claudius II banned marriage for young Roman men because he believed single men made better soldiers.
43. Since 2014, legal marijuana dispensaries in Colorado have sold well over $240 million worth of the drug.
44. More Frisbees have been sold than footballs, baseballs and basketballs combined
45. It is believed that Vincent van Gogh only sold one painting during his lifetime.
46. Sharon Osbourne sold all of Ozzy Osbournes cars when she found out he was drinking and driving.
47. For every $1, 000 In Music Sold, The Average Musician Makes $23.40
48. Taylor Swift is the first woman in history to release two albums that sold more than one million copies in their opening week.
49. Gary Dahl, of Los Gatos, California, sold over a million "Pet Rocks" in 1975 and thus became a millionaire.
50. More Nintendo DS units have been sold than iPhones.
51. James Cameron was homeless when writing The Terminator, and sold the rights for $1, on the condition he could direct it.
52. A 1938 comic book, which includes the first appearance of Superman, sold for $3, 207, 852 USD.
53. A teenager in China once sold his kidney to buy an iPad.
54. 1.7 billion servings of Coca Cola are sold every day.
55. 200 million Pumpkin Spice Lattes were sold between 2004 and 2013.
56. More U.S. soldiers committed suicide, than died in combat in 2012.
57. Dugongs (relatives of manatees) do not have tear ducts, though they look like they shed tears, and their tears are sold as love potions.
58. McDonalds once sold pizza when it first began.
59. The Japanese population is so old that more adult diapers are sold each year than baby diapers.
60. Clam Chowder flavored Doritos are sold only in Japan.
61. Bubble wrap was first manufactured to be sold as wall paper.
62. Coca Cola only sold 25 bottles the first year but kept going. Never give up.
63. The North and South Korean armies choose their physically toughest looking soldiers to have "stare downs" across the Korean border.
64. 344 million Playstation consoles have been sold since 1995.
65. The shoes that Kanye West designed, "Air Yeezy ll, " sold on ebay for $90, 000.
66. Sliced bread was first sold in 1928. (Keep that in mind next time you find "the greatest thing since sliced bread.")
67. "Happy Pizza" is a pizza sold in Cambodia topped with marijuana.
68. Happy Pizza is a pizza sold in Cambodia topped with marijuana.
69. Just to buy an iPhone and an iPad, a Chinese student aged 17 sold his one kidney.
70. In 1903, its first year of trading, Gillette sold just 168 razor blades.
71. If all the Birds Eye waffles sold in a year were stacked up, they would be 474 times higher than Mount Everest.
72. In 1998, Sony accidentally sold 700, 000 camcorders that had the technology to see through people's clothes.
73. Business is currently the most expensive domain name sold for $7.5 million.
74. In 1998, Sony accidently sold 700, 000 camcorders that had the technology to see through people's clothes.
75. 40% of all indigestion remedies sold in the world are bought by Americans.
76. 50% of U.S. pizzas are sold with pepperoni on them.
77. It is estimated that there is in excess of 3, 000, 000, 000 bibles been sold throughout the world.
78. Justin Timberlake's half eaten french toast sold for over $3, 000 on eBay.
79. Ketchup was sold in the 1830's as medicine.
80. Ninety nine percent of pumpkins sold in the United States are for the sole purpose of decoration.
81. Over 4.6 million Whopper sandwiches are sold at Burger King every day.
82. The estimated number of M&M's sold each day in the United States is 200, 000, 000.
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