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20 Funny smaller facts

Enjoy these fun, incredible, interesting, awesome and random smaller facts.

1. All breasts have the same number of nerve endings, no matter what their size is. This is also why smaller breasts are more sensitive.
2. The baby carrots we usually buy in stores are just carrots cut in to smaller pieces.
3. Despite the fact that pot smokers eat over 600 more calories a day than most people, they have much smaller waists and incidence of obesity.
4. Scientists claim that chins have no use and humans have prominent chins as a side effect of the rest of the face evolving to be smaller.
5. If your TV is smaller than 75 inches and you normally sit 10 feet away, 4K resolution is useless.
6. The average age gap between coupled men and women is much smaller in countries with more gender equality.
7. In World War 1, Hitler, trimmed his moustache into his famous smaller tooth brush style so that it would fit in his gas mask.
8. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the middle class is taking home a smaller share of the overall income pie than ever before.
9. While women have smaller brains than men, women use their brains more efficiently.
10. While women have smaller brains than men, women use their brains more efficiently than men.
11. It is illegal to be fat in Japan. Each male over 40 years old must have a waistline smaller than 80cm and women, smaller than 90cm.
12. Women have smaller brains than men, however, women also use their brains more efficiently than men.
13. A horse hoof is 1 enlarged toe; deer walk on 2 toes (their other toes are smaller)
14. Researchers found that people take smaller bites and eat less when the food smells stronger.
15. When Pandas are born, they are smaller than a mouse.
16. Pluto is smaller than Russia.
17. Neutrinos are 100, 000 times smaller that electrons, but there are so many of them that they may outweigh all the visible matter in the universe.
18. At birth, a panda bear is smaller than a mouse.
19. The heart of an astronaut actually gets smaller when in outer space.
20. Wearing yellow makes you look bigger on camera; green, smaller.
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