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Published : 2014-12-22 (over 3 years Ago) - Last updated over 2 years Ago

24 Funny sight facts

Enjoy these fun, incredible, interesting, awesome and random sight facts.

1. Playing video games increases creativity, enables more detailed sight, improves concentration and makes people happier.
2. Poor eyesight is associated with higher intelligence.
3. do u believe in love at first sight or .... .... should i enter again!!!
4. Sitting too close to the TV will not ruin your eyesight.
5. In 2008, two U.S. towns approved a nonbinding measure requiring local police officers to arrest President Bush and VP Dick Cheney on sight.
6. Penguins’ eyes work better underwater than they do in the air, giving them superior eyesight to spot prey.
7. While you are not required by law to report UFO sightings, the Mutual UFO Network expresses that you are obligated to.
8. Pirates wore earrings because they believed it improved their eyesight.
9. Britain created the lie that carrots improve eyesight to distract the Nazis of a new technology they made for night raids.
10. People who keep their breakfast cereal in plain sight end up weighing about 20 lbs more than those who put it in the cupboard.
11. Outdoor cats tend to be farsighted, while most indoor cats are nearsighted.
12. The reason for "sightings" of Bloody Mary, is because of something called the "Caputo effect" Where your own reflection becomes distorted.
13. When a person dies, their sense of hearing is the last to go. Touch and sight are the first
14. Red is the last color to go and the first to return when people lose and regain their eyesight.
15. The FBI thought it was plausible enough that Hitler faked his suicide that they investigated South American Hitler sightings.
16. Malaysian exploding ants can turn themselves into a bomb at the sight of an enemy.
17. 41% of people surveyed said they would consider buying a house that has reported ghost sightings.
18. Moose have poor eyesight, and they have even reportedly mistaken cars for mates
19. Crying is good for your eyesight. Tears provide moister for our eyes and prevents dehydration.
20. Manatees have poor eyesight. They use their sense of touch to find food with sensitive hairs on their snouts
21. On average, dogs have better eyesight than humans, although not as colorful.
22. Aardvarks have poor eyesight; they’ve been known to run into things when startled.
23. Poor eyesight (myopia) is associated with higher IQ.
24. Greyhounds have the best eyesight of any breed of dog.
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