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46 Funny sense facts

Enjoy these fun, incredible, interesting, awesome and random sense facts.

1. Common sense is not so common.
2. Gymnophoria is the sense that someone is mentally undressing you.
3. Psychology states that out of all the senses, smell is most closely linked to memory.
4. Humans actually have 9 senses not 5 including thermoception, the sense of heat (or its absence) on our skin
5. Proprioception, or "body awareness, " is the sense of knowing where your body parts are without having to look.
6. Scientists have begun to study vultures’ unique senses and abilities and are considering using the birds to help find bodies from crimes.
7. Research shows that narcissism is associated with few physical or mental illnesses and is linked with a stronger sense of well being.
8. Women with partners who have a great sense of humor enjoy more orgasms and stronger ones than women with serious or unfunny partners.
9. Approximately 80 90% of what we perceive as “taste” comes from our sense of smell.
10. The sense that is most associated with memory is smell. Wearing a cologne during a special time can keep memories better than a journal!
11. Having a high sense of purpose in life is linked to a lower risk of stroke and heart disease.
12. Dogs can sense sadness in humans and will often attempt to make their owners happier by initiating cuddling.
13. The sentence "Are you as bored as I am?" can be said backwards and still make sense.
14. Hearing is the fastest human sense. A person can recognize a sound in as little as 0.05 seconds.
15. I have a sixth sense, I see stupid people
16. Laughter relieves stress, anxiety, depression & reduces risk of cancer. Which is why a sense of humor is attractive & HEALTHY!
17. Having a childlike sense of wonder promotes good health, slows down our perception of the passage of time, and encourages collaboration.
18. Babies develop a sense of right and wrong between 5 and 8 months of age.
19. Ants can sense earthquakes a day in advanc either by picking up changing gas emissions or noting tiny changes in the Earth’s magnetic field
20. One in three Americans believe in ESP, or a sixth sense that allows a person to pick up on unseen things with their mind.
21. Making the bed is one of the quickest ways to achieve a sense of calm and order.
22. Swearing gives you a sense of calm, control, and well being.
23. Bees can sense moisture changes in the air, which allows them to make it back to their hives before it rains.
24. 64% of Americans believe that having a sense of humor is the most important quality for a successful relationship, a survey revealed.
25. A study revealed that those in power tend to act with a sense of entitlement and disrespect towards others.
26. Vin Diesel recorded his lines for "Guardians of the Galaxy" while wearing stilts so he could get a sense of how large Groot actually is.
27. Cheating is directly linked to: lack of intelligence, insecurity, low self esteem, & an overall sense of unhappiness with one’s own life.
28. When a person dies, their sense of hearing is the last to go. Touch and sight are the first
29. People with ADD/ADHD tend to have a better sense of smell due to increased odor sensitivity.
30. People who smoke marijuana get the munchies because they have a heightened sense of smell.
31. Pronoia is defined as the opposite state of mind to paranoia: having the sense that there is a conspiracy that exists to help the person.
32. Humor is associated with being honest and smart. Which is why most women are more attracted to men who have a good sense of humor.
33. Most door open/close buttons are actually placebos that do nothing at all when pressed Just there to give us a sense of control.
34. Manatees have poor eyesight. They use their sense of touch to find food with sensitive hairs on their snouts
35. Aristotle wrote "Sense and Sensibilia" around 350 BC, about 2, 159 years before Jane Austen wrote "Sense and Sensibility."
36. You know that tingly little feeling you get when you fall for someone? That’s common sense leaving your body.
37. Intelligent people tend to care less about the opinions of others, they also enjoy being alone because of great sense of self.
38. Teens who are grateful experience an increase in mental health and a greater sense of meaning in life.
39. The sentence "Are you as bored as I am?" can be read backwards and still makes sense.
40. Found throughout southern Africa, aardvarks use their keen sense of smell to sniff out their favorite food—termites.
41. Approximately 80 90% of what we perceive as "taste" comes from our sense of smell.
42. Countries that have a greater sense of togetherness tend to be less depressed.
43. Leather skin does not have any smell. The leather smell that you sense is actually derived from the materials used in the tanning process.
44. A woman's sense of smell is most sensitive during ovulation.
45. Out of all the senses, smell is most closely linked to memory.
46. You have no sense of smell when you're sleeping.
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