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53 Best roman facts

Enjoy these fun, incredible, interesting, awesome and random roman facts.

1. Attempting to be friends with someone whom you feel romantically attracted to may often cause insomnia, depression and low self worth.
2. The resistance of the wealthy to paying taxes was one of the factors contributing to the collapse of the Roman Empire.
3. Romantic love lasts a year. After that, "attachment love" sets in.
4. Ketchup was first prepared by Romans in 300 B.C. to enhance the flavor of fish and fowl.
5. People who post Facebook status updates about their romantic partner are more likely to have low self esteem, according to research.
6. People in the Roman era, would submit their dreams to the Senate for analysis and interpretation.
7. Study shows that a sweaty handshake might be the start of a romantic partnership.
8. Will Smith and Eva Mendes were the first minority actors to play leads in a hit romantic comedy.
9. Ancient Romans believed that veils would shield the bride from evil spirits.
10. Stephen Colbert is a practicing Roman Catholic and teaches sunday school.
11. During the Roman Era, interesting dreams were submitted to the Roman Senate for analysis and dream interpretation.
12. The Roman Empire in 150 CE had higher income equality than the US in 2011.
13. Attempting to be friends with someone whom you feel romantically attracted to may often cause insomnia, depression and low self worth.
14. When people feel physically cold, they seek out psychological warmth, like watching a romantic movie that will make them feel warm inside.
15. Researchers have found that online movie renters choose more romance films when the weather is cold.
16. Kissing was developed in India 3, 000 years ago and was later popularized by Romans.
17. Drinking milk used to be considered a luxury by the ancient Greeks and by the Romans.
18. It has been estimated that about 500, 000 people and over a million wild animals died in the Roman Colosseum.
19. For the first date, 34% of singles find it most romantic when their date plans a surprise activity.
20. Between 4% and 5% of people in the U.S. are romantically involved in a consensually nonmonogamous relationship.
21. 25% of surveyed singles said they find it most romantic when their date leans in for a first kiss on the first date.
22. 80% of single women say they are not satisfied with the amount of romance in their lives, according to a survey.
23. 27% of single people find it most romantic when they hold hands on a first date, according to a study.
24. A survey revealed that 34% of single people find it most romantic when their date plans a surprise activity for the first date.
25. The first recorded mooning happened in 66 AD, when a Roman soldier mooned a group of Jews and started a riot.
26. 34% of Americans believe that a summer vacation brings the most romance into their lives, according to a survey.
27. A survey says 41% of couples prefer a "hug and a kiss" over a romantic candlelit dinner as the most romantic gesture from their partner.
28. People who volunteer are 25 46% more likely to find a partner and start a romantic relationship within a year.
29. roses are red violets are blue sunflowers are yellow i bet u were expecting something romantic but nah these some gardening facts
30. Claudius II banned marriage for young Roman men because he believed single men made better soldiers.
31. In Romania around 1935, Mickey Mouse was banned because it was thought that he would scare children.
32. The abbreviation for pound, "Lb, " comes from the Latin word "Libra, " which is derived from an ancient Roman unit of measurement.
33. Early Roman law stipulated that anyone who was killed by lightning would not receive a proper burial.
34. Phaneromaniacs are obsessed with picking their scabs and biting their nails.
35. 78% of Americans prefer receiving a romantic text rather than an affectionate Facebook post or Tweet, according to a survey.
36. Romans sometimes roasted chicken stuffed inside a duck stuffed inside a goose stuffed inside a pig stuffed inside a cow.
37. Eleutheromania is an intense obsession with freedom.
38. Archaeologists discovered skeletal remains of a Roman couple who had been holding hands for over 1, 500 years.
39. 40% of people who are rejected in romantic love slip into clinical depression.
40. There is a species of fish that can be hallucinogenic when eaten. The Ancient Romans reportedly consumed it as a recreational drug.
41. Women who read romance novels make love to their partners 74% more often than women who do not.
42. Biochemically, romantic love may be indistinguishable from having severe obsessive compulsive disorder.
43. Saddam Hussein wrote a romance novel.
44. Being romantic only works if the other person already has feelings for you.
45. Elephants were trained by the ancient Romans to perform on the tightrope
46. The heart shape was first used to symbolize romantic love around the year 1250. Before that, it represented foliage.
47. The Ancient Romans had a festival in which the slaves and slave owners would switch places.
48. Being materialistic can cause you to lose friends and romantic partners.
49. The Roman name for Paris was Lutetia, which translates into English as 'Slough'.
50. Early Romans used to use porcupine quills as toothpicks.
51. Ancient Romans at one time used human urine as an ingredient in their toothpaste.
52. The mile is Latin for 1, 000. The number of paces it took the average Roman.
53. To take an oath, ancient Romans put a hand on their testicles; that's where the word 'testimony' comes from.
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