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Published : 2014-12-20 (over 3 years Ago) - Last updated over 2 years Ago

46 Best rich facts

Enjoy these fun, incredible, interesting, awesome and random rich facts.

1. Richard Feynman was divorced for doing too much calculus
2. In 2012, the 100 richest people world wide earned enough money to end global poverty 4 times.
3. Study shows that richer people are more likely to lie, cheat and deceive.
4. Approximately eleven and a half omelettes can be made with a single Ostrich egg.
5. Johnny Depp once said that Captain Jack Sparrow was imagined as a blend of Rolling Stones icon Keith Richards and cartoon skunk Pepé Le Pew.
6. The average Canadian is now richer (for the first time in history) than the average American.
7. Bill Gates is the richest person in the world again � worth $75 billion.
8. 4 out of the 5 richest counties in the US are in the DC Metropolitan area.
9. A muscular person has a higher alcohol tolerance than someone with more body fat. Water rich muscle tissues absorb alcohol more effectively.
10. One ostrich egg has 200 grams of protein, the same amount as four t bone steaks.
11. Iceland was one called "Butterland" because the grass was so rich it seemed to drip butter.
12. The richest man ever lived Mansa Musa had a fortune of $400, 000, 000, 000 at the time of his death in 1331.
13. There is a dating app that caters to the rich by weeding out the poor.
14. Cuba Gooding, Jr. was a backup dancer for Lionel Richie.
15. Rich people without a college degree: Abraham Lincoln Walt Disney Bill Gates Mark Zuckerberg Henry Ford Thomas Edison Steve Jobs
16. If you can afford to eat 3 meals a day for 3 weeks straight, you are in the top 15% of the richest people in the world.
17. People earning over £14, 000 a year are among the richest 4% of the world.
18. Bill Gates has been the richest person on the planet for 16 of the past 21 years.
19. Floyd Mayweather will fight Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas on 2 May in what promises to be the richest bout in the history of boxing.
20. The Black Panther is the richest superhero out of all the Marvel and DC characters, with an estimated value of $500 billion.
21. The richest match up in boxing history between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao has finally been agreed after years of haggling.
22. Drug lord Pablo Escobar had his own personal zoo that consisted of giraffes, ostriches, antelopes, exotic birds, and four hippos.
23. There are two ways of being rich: One is to have all you want, the other is to be satisfied with what you have.
24. Tony Stark is $2.4 billion richer than Bruce Wayne.
25. The richer you are, the larger your social network probably is.
26. Gangsta Glorified dumbshits with 9 mils, yet type of person rich white kids across america wish to emulate.
27. In the US, the rich live 5 years longer than the poor.
28. Bill Gates is richer than more than a hundred nations.
29. Rich people in China can hire body doubles to serve their prison sentence.
30. Trichophagia, or Rapunzel Syndrome, is the compulsive eating of hair.
31. The Moon has "Moonquakes" one of which reached 5.5 on the Richter Scale.
32. To keep cool, ostriches urinate on their legs
33. Rich people in China often hire body doubles to serve their prison sentences.
34. If you earn more than US$21, 000 a year, you are part of the richest 4% on the planet.
35. Ostriches cannot fly but they can outrun a racehorse
36. Ostriches can run as fast as racehorses.
37. Rich people in China hire body doubles to serve their prison sentences. This practice is called Ding zui
38. Bruce Wayne is the 7th richest fictional character with a net worth of approximately $6.8 billion.
39. The poorest Americans are still richer than 80% of the world.
40. The scent that lingers after a nice rain is called "petrichor."
41. The Egyptian vulture drops stones on ostrich eggs to open them and eat them.
42. A random rich guy gave $1 million to a Youtuber who begged millionaires to give him a million dollars.
43. People earning over 14, 000 a year are the richest 4% on the planet.
44. An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain.
45. India used to be the richest country in the world until the British invasion in the early 17th Century.
46. Jericho is the oldest walled city in the world at 9, 000 yrs old.
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