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Published : 2014-12-25 (over 3 years Ago) - Last updated over 2 years Ago

Top 100 Incredible research facts

Enjoy these fun, incredible, interesting, awesome and random research facts.

1. People who post Facebook status updates about their romantic partner are more likely to have low self esteem, according to research.
2. Research has found that overexposure to online devices, such as iPads and smartphones, can lead to attention deficit disorders.
3. People who connect through their pets are more likely to look out for each other in times of adversity, according to research.
4. Research discovered that a person is more likely to completely ignore others while reading & or sending a text.
5. The calorie counts on food labels are based on 19th century research that has since been dismissed as vague approximation.
6. For kids, a loss of one hour of sleep is equivalent to the loss of two years of cognitive maturation and development, according to research.
7. Research has found that people who eat mostly whole foods (minimally processed foods) tend to have better mental health.
8. Men like women who are nice and responsive at a first meeting, while women prefer a man to be a bit more aloof at the start, research shows.
9. Teenagers in East Baltimore rate their communities more negatively than 15 17 year olds living in Nigeria and New Delhi, research has found.
10. Research has shown that people are happiest at 7:26 p.m. on Saturday night.
11. Research shows, that the exact time our brain takes when retrieving a memory is 0.0004 seconds.
12. Research shows you’re more likely to orgasm in a relationship than in a hookup situation.
13. In 2005, a research team taught a group of monkeys how to use money. Soon thereafter, the monkeys were soliciting/practicing prostitution.
14. According to research, having a bad boss can make you sick, both physically and mentally.
15. Neuroscience research has determined that two cheeseburgers is the pleasure equivalent of one orgasm.
16. According to research, an aluminum can that is recycled can be back on a grocery store shelf within 60 days.
17. New research suggests has found that technology may be interfering with our ability to detect how others are feeling.
18. According to research, siblings may be more influential shapers of who we become than parents.
19. Research shows that more regions of the brain are active while it wanders than during engagement in a task.
20. Research suggests that the more ethnically diverse an area is, the less people are likely to trust each other.
21. Just a little bit of exercise can convince you that you look better, according to research.
22. Researchers have built a device that puts your legs on cruise control so you can look at your smartphone without bumping into things.
23. Research has shown that studying in different places gives the brain a variety of visual cues that will help you recall what you learned.
24. One researcher estimates that it takes 64 seconds to get back to work after checking a new email.
25. Research has suggested that suppression of one’s natural behavior is linked with poorer health.
26. 10% of Americans own a smartphone but do not have broadband internet at home, according to research.
27. Some researchers believe that snail slime can be used to treat stomach ulcers.
28. Research found that university students were more likely to cheat after seeing 7000 dollar bills than after seeing only 24.
29. Researchers report that women’s magazines have 10.5 times more ads and articles promoting weight loss than men’s magazines do.
30. Research has shown that politicians whose facial structure is deemed to look more competent are more likely to win elections.
31. Research shows that cheerful students think they’re doing well but have lower GPA’s—a negative attitude increases motivation to learn.
32. Research shows that narcissism is associated with few physical or mental illnesses and is linked with a stronger sense of well being.
33. People actually share more intimate details with their friends online than when they’re face to face, according to research.
34. Research states that British workers mentally check out for the weekend at 10:19 AM on Fridays.
35. Working mothers today actually spend as much time taking care of their kids as stay at home moms did in the 1970s, according to research.
36. Researchers at the University of Rochester have built the first invisibility cloak.
37. Substantial research shows that humans are much more proficient at understanding others than we are ourselves.
38. Research has shown that while viewing porn, men tend to focus on a woman’s eyes and lips.
39. According to research, new friends become better friends over time if they have similar levels of social anxiety.
40. Descriptive menus increase food sales by 27% and improve attitudes towards the food, according to research.
41. Research shows that your attraction to certain foods is based on having a good relationship with the person you remember first preparing it.
42. Athletes perform better and take longer to hit the wall of exhaustion when they see happy faces instead of sad ones, according to research.
43. When non religious people think about their own death, they unconsciously grow more receptive to religious belief, according to research.
44. Research has found that the areas of the brain that are connected to physical pain are activated when a person feels socially awkward.
45. Researchers have confirmed that people really do look more attractive after a few drinks.
46. Researchers found that plants talk and listen to each other by making "clicking" sounds.
47. New research has added weight to existing evidence that smoking is harmful to fetuses as they develop in the womb.
48. According to research, people who lose their jobs are less willing to trust others for up to a decade after being laid off.
49. People who sit at a booth near the bar in a restaurant are 73% more likely to order dessert, according to research.
50. Diners who sit next to a window are 40% more likely to order a salad, research shows.
51. According to a recent research done on 16000 women, the more curvy a woman, the more intelligent she is.
52. Research shows that thinking about money makes people more determined and focused, but less sensitive to the needs and feelings of others.
53. Researchers have found that people are more willing to disclose personal information if you make them laugh.
54. Research has found that playing Tetris eases the effects of post traumatic stress disorder.
55. Researchers have found that online movie renters choose more romance films when the weather is cold.
56. MIT researches studying tongue twisters developed "Pad kid poured curd pulled cod" which nobody could say 10 times fast.
57. Desperate for money? NASA will pay $15, 000 to anyone who is willing to sit in bed for 87 days to research the effect of zero gravity.
58. Research has shown that domestic cats never forgive—they fail to show outward signs of reconciliation like other animals do.
59. Researchers from NASA say the perfect nap lasts for exactly 26 minutes.
60. Research has found that a 20% bump in Facebook use equated with an over 2% bump in divorce rates between 2008 and 2010.
61. Before settling on BlackBerry, Research in Motion considered the names EasyMail, ProMail, MegaMail, and Strawberry.
62. Researchers have identified 15, 152 different types of life forms living on the New York subway.
63. Japanese researchers have successfully developed a device that will be able to literally playback your dreams in video sequence.
64. Research funded by the sugar industry is 5 times less likely to find a connection between sugar and obesity.
65. Dirty thoughts can help improve your memory, according to research.
66. Research has found that replacing a bad habit with a good one is easier than quitting a bad habit cold turkey.
67. Research has found that just telling people to ‘be creative’ increases their creativity.
68. Research suggests that women are more likely than men to suffer from obsessional love.
69. Desperate for money? NASA will pay $15, 000 to anyone who is willing to sit in bed for 87 days, to research the effect of zero gravity
70. Research has shown that if you want to stay awake, apples are actually more powerful and effective than caffeine!
71. Research has shown people trust online comments more than credible sources.
72. Researchers found that married men drink less than unmarried men, while the opposite is true for women.
73. Research has found that everyone is able to sing well — it is a learned skill that gets better with practice and worse with disuse.
74. Researchers found that powerful people draw inspiration from themselves rather than others, which is why they talk about themselves so much.
75. Researchers found that having compassion helps people to lead happier and healthier lives.
76. Research suggests that abstract thinking improves self control.
77. According to researchers, couples that are either too similar or too different are not likely to last very long.
78. Researchers have found that the average person will form about 400 friendships during a lifetime, but only 33 will last.
79. Research has found that religious and non religious people are equally likely to misbehave.
80. Research shows that getting paid to do something decreases our enjoyment of the task, even if we previously loved it.
81. Male chimpanzees are more likely to use sticks as weapons while female chimpanzees use them as dolls, according to research.
82. Babies that are fed solid food before four months are 40 percent more likely to become obese, according to research.
83. Eating walnuts will help improve memory and concentration, according to research.
84. Researchers have found that the smell of flowers has a positive influence on your emotions.
85. Research suggests that hot temperatures cause people to become aggressive and violent.
86. According to a Pew Research report almost everybody uses the internet to waste time at some point during the day.
87. Researchers have found that talking to strangers can make you happier.
88. Research has found that absence really does make the heart grow fonder.
89. Researchers have found that they can accurately predict heart disease rates by analyzing negative tweets on Twitter.
90. Research suggests that children conceived during the second half of winter are more athletic, physically fit, and stronger than their peers.
91. The older a father is when he has a child, the uglier the child will be, according to research.
92. Research suggests that the caffeine in coffee helps people retain new memories.
93. Scientists created a lab grown burger that took 3 months to grow and cost over $300, 000 in research.
94. Researchers found that having too many friends on Facebook causes people to have a negative perception of you.
95. The ability to digest alcohol occurred around 10 million years ago and many researchers believe it played a key role in evolution.
96. Keeping yourself busy can help with life longevity, according to research.
97. Researchers from NASA say the perfect nap lasts for 26 minutes.
98. According to research, the deadliest holidays in the U.S. are 4th of July, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.
99. New research shows that spanking a child can turn them into a lawbreaker later on in life.
100. Researchers found that imagining doing exercises actually increases muscle strength
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