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Top 100 Best rat facts

Enjoy these fun, incredible, interesting, awesome and random rat facts.

1. "Busy Life Syndrome" is a real disorder causing forgetfulness and lack of concentration in people who take in too much information daily.
2. 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated.
3. The Mall of America has no central heating system. All the heat is generated by people, lighting, and skylights.
4. How to play the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean on your phone: 3566 6788 8977 6556 3566 6788 8977 656
5. Playing video games increases creativity, enables more detailed sight, improves concentration and makes people happier.
6. There are 7 different kinds of twins: Identical, Fraternal, Half Identical, Mirror Image, Mixed Chromosome, Superfecundation, Superfetation
7. The revenue generated from gambling is more than the revenue from movies, cruise ships, recorded music, theme parks, & sports combined
8. Middlesboro, Kentucky is built entirely within a meteor crater.
9. In 2008, a married couple in the UK realized they were twins separated at birth.
10. The letters used in "desperation" can be rearranged to spell "a rope ends it."
11. There are more than 1500 newspapers, 1100 magazines, 9000 radio stations, 1500 TV stations, 2400 publishers, owned by only 3 corporations.
12. In 1935 when the US raised the top tax rate to 79% for those making over $5 million it only applied to one person: John D. Rockefeller.
13. Smiling naturally lifts the muscles in the face and slows down the rate at which our facial skins age.
14. The Pentagon has twice as many bathrooms as is necessary because when it was built laws required separate facilities for...
15. Psychologist George Stratton in the 1890s wore glasses that made him see upside down. After 5 days his brain adapted & t...
16. The Mall of America has no central heating system. All the heat is generated by people, lighting, and skylights
17. Thomas Jefferson invented the swivel chair and sat on the first one while writing much of the Declaration of Independence.
18. Ozzy Osbourne deliberately married his second wife, Sharon Arden, on the Fourth of July so that he would never forget their anniversary.
19. Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else.
20. In France, by law a bakery has to make all the bread it sells from scratch in order to have the right to be called a bakery.
21. Bryan Cranston was actually taught how to make meth by the DEA in preparation for his role in Breaking Bad.
22. Astronauts have a patch of Velcro inside their helmet so they can scratch their nose.
23. "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" was the first—and maybe the last—movie production to have an insurance policy taken out on 1, 000 rats.
24. When boxer Manny Pacquiao has a fight, the crime rate in his native Phillipines drops to 0%.
25. One species of wolf spider "purrs" to potential mates by standing on a thin surface, like a leaf, and vibrating it until it makes a sound.
26. Henry Ford astonished the world in 1914 by offering a $5 per day wage ($110 today), which more than doubled the rate of most of his workers.
27. Rapper Busta Rhymes voiced Reptar from Rugrats
28. The harder you concentrate on falling asleep, the harder it becomes to actually fall asleep.
29. Study your notes within one day of taking them. Retention rates are 60% higher then!
30. You can get a rough estimate of the temperature by counting the number of times a cricket chirps in 15 seconds, then adding 37.
31. When boxer Manny Pacquiao has a fight, the crime rate in his native Philippines drops to 0%.
32. Only 20% of employees feel strongly valued at work, while 80% feel poorly or moderately valued, a survey revealed.
33. Despite the focus on immigration the other way, Mexico has more American residents than any other country except the United States.
34. Naked mole rats are immune to cancer because of a cell defense mechanism, that stops a cell from replicating.
35. The spots on the planet with the highest amount of lightning are Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
36. The mortality rate for colonoscopies is about 20 per 100, 000 procedures.
37. Humans are the best long distance runners on the planet, able to beat horses (and everything else) in marathon distance races.
38. The Pirate Bay tried buying their own island in hopes of making their own country with no copyright laws.
39. A study found that wearing clothing that’s more formal than usual causes people to use abstract processing rather than concrete processing.
40. For kids, a loss of one hour of sleep is equivalent to the loss of two years of cognitive maturation and development, according to research.
41. Teenagers in East Baltimore rate their communities more negatively than 15 17 year olds living in Nigeria and New Delhi, research has found.
42. Karate was originally called "te". It was later influenced by material artists from China and called "kara te" meaning "Chinese hand"
43. President Obama has personally thanked Japan for "karate, karaoke, manga, anime, and, of course, emojis."
44. The Apple Watch cannot detect tattooed skin, causing it to lock and throw off heart rate readings when worn on a tattooed wrist
45. Johnny Depp ad libbed the last line of the first "Pirates of the Caribbean" film, "Now bring me that horizon."
46. A 2012 study revealed that, across time, societies that permit polygamy have higher rates of violence, poverty and gender inequality.
47. A study demonstrated that shoppers are willing to spend 30% more for an item if they first watch a sad movie clip.
48. Peter III, ruler of Russia, hanged a large rat in public because it had eaten his toy soldiers, he was age 25.
49. Humans can run multiple marathons because runners forget the intense pain of the marathon 3 6 months after the event, a study found.
50. Studies have shown that expressing gratitude to others has been shown to make people happier.
51. 90% of U.S. media (TV, radio, news) is owned by only 6 corporations.
52. Human skin is made up of keratin, which is the same material the makes up the scales of snakes and armadillos.
53. Two surgeons used a coat hanger, brandy, and a tube to operate on a collapsed lung during an airplane flight and succeeded.
54. Powerful people spend less time deliberating over what to put in an email.
55. The music you listen to affects, figuratively colors, the way you perceive the world.
56. Expressing gratitude in words or actions creates positive emotions in the giver as well as the receiver.
57. Some schools in the wealthier neighborhoods of Los Angeles have a lower vaccination rate than in South Sudan.
58. Portland has a higher percentage of literate people than any other major city in America.
59. Psychology says that people who laugh more are better able to tolerate pain, both physical and emotional.
60. It is estimated that the entire power supply of Nigeria generates only enough electricity to power a single toaster for every 44 people.
61. Try this! Put a finger in your ear and scratch, the sound produced is exactly the same as you are playing Pacman.
62. DNA from identical twins will consistently melt at two different temperatures.
63. Pets can now get cosmetic testicle implants called Neuticles so that they can avoid the self esteem and trauma from castration.
64. Airplane crashes have a 96% survival rate! In the U.S, from 1983 to 2000, 51, 207 out of 53, 487 people survived airplane crashes.
65. If the U.S. can raise its 34.5% recycling rate to 75%, it will be the CO2 equivalent of removing 50 million cars from the road.
66. The British Medical Journal called the one study that found a link between vaccines and autism "an elaborate fraud, " and deliberately false.
67. In 2015, Coachella generated about 250 tons of trash.
68. Happiness is a by product of the pursuit of success and meaningful goals, rather than successful accomplishments, studies suggest.
69. Teens who misperceive their weight as overweight are actually more likely to overeat compared to teens who accurately perceive their weight.
70. Liechtenstein has an incarceration rate of 19 per 100, 000—with its population of just 37, 000, there are approximately 7 people in prison.
71. Rats breed so quickly that in 18 months two rats could have a million descendants.
72. A survey found that 23% of married or cohabitating couples slept separately on a regular basis, mostly due to snoring.
73. "Busy Life Syndrome" is a real disorder causing forgetfulness and lack of concentration in people who take in too much information daily.
74. Castrated men have a longer lifespan, ranging between 14 to 19 years more than castrated men.
75. 2/3 of all illiterate adults are female.
76. Pirates spent their loot as soon as they got it, on account of their short lives—there are only a few documented cases of buried treasure.
77. Australians have the highest rate of gambling in the world.
78. Hillary Clinton was elected president of her school’s Young Republicans chapter before she ultimately switched to Democrat.
79. A new study found that babies learn more about an object or environment when they are surprised by it, rather than able to predict it.
80. Ancient Egyptians had a 70% accurate method for detecting pregnancy: a woman would pee on some seeds—if they sprouted, she was pregnant.
81. Iran has one of the largest rates of "brain drain" in the world. Up to 180, 000 specialists and academic elite leave the country every year.
82. Ketchup flows out of a glass Heinz bottle at a rate of .028 miles per hour.
83. A pair of brown rats can produce as many as 2, 000 descendants in a year.
84. A rat can survive being flushed down the toilet.
85. A rat can fall from a 5 story building without injuries.
86. Dehydration causes people to over think more frequently, however, being dehydrated also makes it more difficult to think clearly & positive.
87. Flames in space burn with a lower temperature, at a slower rate, and with less oxygen than in normal gravity.
88. Chinese courts have a 99.99% conviction rate, as measured in 2009.
89. Couples who marry in January, February and March tend to have the highest divorce rates.
90. Video games can train people to make faster real life decisions that are just as accurate as well thought out decisions.
91. Drinking cold water actually causes your body to burn calories, as they are absorbed by the water as it warms to body temperature.
92. Technically, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” is not a joke, it’s an anti joke. It’s funny because it’s deliberately not funny.
93. For people over 60, light or moderate alcohol intake is associated with better recall of past events, according to a study.
94. In 2011, a man from Minnesota was arrested for converting a vibrator into explosive device and giving it to his ex girlfriend as Xmas gift.
95. Missing someone and not being able to do anything about it generally makes people moody, easily annoyed and/or emotionally frustrated.
96. Julius Caesar was kidnapped by pirates, mocked his captors until his ransom was paid, then came back with a fleet to kill them all.
97. Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any psychological disorder — between 5% and 20% eventually die from it.
98. Man made dams have fish ladders to allow the fish to continue their natural migration upstream.
99. Eskimos use refrigerators to stop their food from freezing.
100. A report has found that Millennials are the gayest generation yet —7% of adults ages 18 35 identify as LGBT.
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