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30 Interesting poop facts

Enjoy these fun, incredible, interesting, awesome and random poop facts.

1. The longest human poop ever recorded was 26 feet.
2. Climbers have left over 12 tons of human poop on Mt. Everest.
3. In the game Cards Against Humanity, the person who pooped last should go first, according to the official rules.
4. Alpacas excrete in communal poop piles.
5. The poop from one million Americans could contain as much as $2.6 million in gold and silver, according to scientists.
6. A paleoscatologist is an archeologist who studies ancient poop
7. You can buy a gold pill for $425 and you will literally poop gold.
8. For the past three years, Ohio police have been on the lookout for a serial pooper who has pooped on at least 19 cars.
9. Some of the shooting stars we can see from Earth are actually astronaut poop burning up in the atmosphere.
10. Jaguars live alone and mark their territory with their poop or by clawing trees.
11. Llamas always poop in the same place.
12. A study revealed that people would rather wear a sweater with dog poop on it than a sweater that had been owned by a mass murderer.
13. An adult white rhino can poop as much as 50 pounds per day.
14. Rhinos sometimes communicate by leaving each other piles of poop.
15. "Bae" is the Danish word for "poop".
16. More than half of sloth deaths occur on their once a week trip to poop.
17. According to one study, 27 percent of people look at every poop they take.
18. American Civil War soldiers had a code of honor that forbade shooting at men while they were pooping.
19. According to his official biography, Kim Jong Il never pooped or urinated.
20. The average person generates 5 tons of poop in a lifetime.
21. German truck drivers thought it was good luck to drive over poop, when the British found out, they made poop disguised bombs.
22. A new machine called "The Omniprocessor" can turn poop into clean drinking water and generate electricity.
23. According to one study, 72% of shopping carts have poop on their handles.
24. Seeing eye dogs are trained to poop on command so their vision impaired owners can easily clean up after them.
25. Each instance of dog poop that goes unscooped attracts approximately 144 flies.
26. Seeing eye dogs are trained to poop on command.
27. The common hoopoe is a bird that digs through animal poop to catch insects for food.
28. Bae is a Danish word for poop.
29. Approximately 75% of human poop is made of water.
30. The word "bae", used by many as a replacement for "baby", is the Danish word for "poop."
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