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Published : 2014-12-21 (over 3 years Ago) - Last updated over 2 years Ago

9 Interesting pollution facts

Enjoy these fun, incredible, interesting, awesome and random pollution facts.

1. Air pollution in China increases snowfall in California.
2. A new study suggests that prolonged exposure to air pollution may shrink the human brain.
3. A man spent 3 years creating "the perfect city" on Sim City The city had the maximum population of 6 million, no crime and no pollution.
4. Every year, air pollution kills more than 2 million people.
5. Air pollution kills over 2 million people every year.
6. Indoor pollution is 10 times more toxic than outdoor pollution.
7. The average home creates more pollution than does the average car.
8. It would take twenty new mid size cars to generate the same amount of pollution that a mid size 1960's car did.
9. The average car produces a pound of pollution every 25 miles.
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