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Published : 2014-12-21 (over 3 years Ago) - Last updated over 2 years Ago

11 Funny norway facts

Enjoy these fun, incredible, interesting, awesome and random norway facts.

1. Sweden is so efficient in using its garbage in waste to energy programs that it is now out of garbage and imports it from Norway.
2. Norway owns an island roughly halfway between Africa and Antarctica.
3. Norway gets 98 99% of its electricity from hydroelectric power, more than any other country.
4. Norway exports camels to the UK, the US and Canada
5. Norway owns a fund worth 570 billion USD containing 1% of all the publicly traded shares in the world.
6. When Sweden ran out of trash it started importing garbage from Norway.
7. Sweden recycles so well that it has run out of garbage and now must import garbage from Norway to fuel its energy programs.
8. Boys in Norway in primary school talk about their feelings and hold hands.
9. Norway is ranked the number third country in the world for overall well being.
10. Advertising to children under the age of 12 is illegal in Norway and Sweden.
11. A wallet is most likely to be returned in Norway and least likely to be returned in Mexico
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