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10 Funny nintendo facts

Enjoy these fun, incredible, interesting, awesome and random nintendo facts.

1. "Super Mario" has a moustache, Because he was too small to draw a mouth on when he was created by Nintendo.
2. Nintendo once planned a knitting add on for the NES so people could learn how to knit using the console.
3. Two boys, aged 9, sued Nintendo since they claimed that Pokemon made them gambling addicts.
4. Nintendo has banked so much money, that they could run a deficit of over $250 Million every year and still survive until 2052.
5. The Nintendo Game Boy was the first video game console played in outer space.
6. The Nintendo DS is the second best selling video game console of all time.
7. A psychic once sued Nintendo, claiming that the Pokémon Kadabra was based on him.
8. More Nintendo DS units have been sold than iPhones.
9. Nintendo owns the rights to two pornographic films – "Super Hornio Bros" and "Super Hornio Bros 2"
10. Originally, Nintendo was a playing card manufacturer.
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