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Top 100 Best movie facts

Enjoy these fun, incredible, interesting, awesome and random movie facts.

1. During the making of the movie "The Passion of the Christ" the actor who played Jesus was struck by lightning during crucifixion scene.
2. Daniel Radcliffe broke over 80 wands while filming the Happy Potter movies because he used them as drumsticks.
3. The revenue generated from gambling is more than the revenue from movies, cruise ships, recorded music, theme parks, & sports combined
4. From the movie The Lion King, Pumbaa was the 1st character to ever fart in a Disney movie.
5. The entire Pixar staff had to take a graduate class in Fish Biology before making the Finding Nemo movie.
6. "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" was the first—and maybe the last—movie production to have an insurance policy taken out on 1, 000 rats.
7. In the movie Lion King, it took approximately three years to animate the two and a half minute wildebeest stampede scene.
8. A study found that people who simply thought about watching their favorite movie raised their endorphin levels by 27%.
9. The cat who played Mr. Bigglesworth in the Austin Powers movies is actually named Ted Nude gent.
10. A study demonstrated that shoppers are willing to spend 30% more for an item if they first watch a sad movie clip.
11. In the movie “Castaway, ” actual lines of dialogue were written for Wilson the Volleybal to help Tom Hanks interact with it.
12. The $44 million budget of the movie Cleopatra is equivalent to $270 million in 1999, thus being the most expensive movie ever made to date.
13. Every Saw movie was released on the Friday before Halloween.
14. One frame of the ice castle in the movie “Frozen” took 30 hours to render, while Elsa magically created the entire palace in 36 seconds.
15. Tweets with certain tags ( #C3P0, #Stormtrooper, and #BB8) will appear with special themed Star Wars emojis in honor of the upcoming movie.
16. "Armageddon, " "Apollo 13, " and "Around the World in 80 Days" are among the movies that NASA keeps aboard the International Space Station.
17. Movie goers eat 28% more popcorn when watching a sad movie.
18. All the books in Dumbledore’s office in the Harry Potter movies are just the Yellow Pages rebound to look old.
19. Disney copies many of their own dance scenes in several movies including Snow White, Robin Hood, The Aristocats, and The Jungle Book.
20. During the making of the movie "The Passion of the Christ" the actor who played Jesus was struck by lightning during crucifixion scene.
21. All the existing Star Wars movies are finally being made available as legitimate digital downloads beginning April 10.
22. There is an iPhone film festival dedicated to movies made on iPhones.
23. Netflix has over 76, 000 categories, including “Imaginative Time Travel Movies from the 1980s" and “Cool Moustaches."
24. The director of the movie, "Fury" encouraged the actors to fight every morning before shooting.
25. One frame of the ice castle in the movie "Frozen" took 30 hours to render, while Elsa magically created the entire palace in 36 seconds.
26. The actor who played the farmer in the movie "Babe" decided to go vegan after working closely with the "extraordinary animals" in the film.
27. Samuel L. Jackson has said “motherf*cker” 171 times in 27 different movies.
28. Nigeria makes more movies every year than the US.
29. Gun twirling was done in the circus only with unloaded guns, movies depict it because it looked cool.
30. Contrary to the movie 300, the Spartans wore full and heavy body armour.
31. We lose 6 seconds of visual information every minute from blinking. In a 2 hours and 30 min long movie, our eyes are shut for about 15 mins.
32. Justin Bieber once booked the entire Staples Center in L.A. for a screening of the movie Titanic.
33. In the movie "Thank You for Smoking", no person smokes a cigarette in the entire movie.
34. Quentin Tarantino lied about his age to work as an usher at a porno movie theater.
35. "Hakuna Matata" the term used in Disney movie Lion King is actually a Swahili phrase which means “there are no worries”.
36. A full McBain movie is hidden across multiple Simpsons episodes.
37. In the classic movie “Godfather”, an orange is always seen somewhere in the scene before someone is killed.
38. Harrison Ford was fixing a door for Francis Ford Coppola when he met George Lucas. Ford helped read movie lines and was cast in Star Wars.
39. Space Jam was the highest grossing basketball movie of all time.
40. When people feel physically cold, they seek out psychological warmth, like watching a romantic movie that will make them feel warm inside.
41. Researchers have found that online movie renters choose more romance films when the weather is cold.
42. The original Karate Kid is now the same age as the actor who played Mr. Miyagi was in the movie
43. According to a report, men account for 74.4% of lead roles in movies.
44. Kim Jong Il kidnapped a well respected movie director and forced him to make a North Korean Godzilla knock off called "Pulgasari."
45. The children from the Willy Wonka movie represent each of the 7 deadly sins.
46. Michael Bay shot over a million feet of film for the movie "Pearl Harbor" but only used about 20, 000 for the final cut.
47. At the United States Navy Strike Fighter Tactics school, there is a $5 fine for anyone who quotes the movie Top Gun.
48. The movie “Paranormal Activity” cost less than $15, 000 to make but grossed over $193, 000, 000
49. The phrase “I have a bad feeling about this” was spoken in every Star Wars movie.
50. The original founders/owners of Macys died on the Titanic and were the old couple in the movie who went to sleep as the ship went down.
51. Disney has credited their coffee guy in 7 of their movies.
52. The Casino Royale movie was the first James Bond film approved by Chinese censors.
53. Pixar literally created a better love story in 8 minutes in the movie UP than Twilight did in 4 movies.
54. Watching scary movies can have lasting effects on children and teens that may psychologically affect them well into adulthood.
55. Stephen Hawking has said that he would like to play a villain in a James Bond movie.
56. The Hogwarts Express from the Harry Potter movies is a real train in Scotland.
57. In 2002, Rupert Grint starred in a movie called "Thunderpants" about a boy whose superpower is producing huge farts.
58. The French do not have a single word for hangover, calling it "gueule de bois". The Hangover movies in France are called "A Very Bad Trip".
59. Ryan Gosling was cast in the movie "The Notebook" because the director was looking for someone that was "not handsome" and "not cool."
60. Avatar was the first movie to make more than $2 billion. Titanic was the second.
61. Titanic was the first movie to make more than $1 billion. Avatar was the second.
62. If you were pushed from a spaceship without a suit, you would not die from cold or pressure, like in movies, but simply lack of Oxygen.
63. Charlie Chaplin made his movie mocking Hitler with his own money because Hollywood was afraid of losing money if they took a stand.
64. Studies show that movies and books are better when you experience them for a second time.
65. Kim Jong Il had a collection of 20, 000 movies in a private cinema beneath a Pyongyang bunker.
66. Studies show that, after viewing scary movies, people feel stronger because they were able to handle it.
67. Arnold Schwarzenegger has the most movie kills of any actor of all time.
68. The lion used in the originial MGM movie logo killed its trainer and two assistants the day after the logo was filmed
69. The movie "Home Alone" was released closer to the moon landing than it was to today.
70. The Simpsons Movie was banned in Burma because the colors red and yellow are banned in films there.
71. The movie "Juno" was shot in 31 days.
72. "Beauty and the Beast", "UP", and "Toy Story 3" are the only animated movies to be nominated for Best Picture by the Academy.
73. "I have a bad feeling about this" has been said in every Star Wars movie.
74. Christian Bale turned down a reported $15 million to reprise the role of Batman in the "Batman vs. Superman" movie.
75. Zachary Quinto, who played Spock in the newest Star Trek movies, had to have his fingers glued together to do the Vulcan salute.
76. Pumbaa was the first Disney character to fart in a movie.
77. The deadliest James Bond was Pierce Brosnan, who killed an average of 33.8 people per movie.
78. Revenge of the Sith is the only Star Wars movie not rated PG.
79. Seeing a horror movie on a date can cause both partners to be more interested in each other Heart racing replicates attraction.
80. Dave Chappelle was offered the role of Bubba in the movie "Forest Gump". He later admitted he regrets turning it down.
81. The highest grossing independent movie of all time is "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, " the 1990 film.
82. Johnny Depp only says 169 words throughout the movie "Edward Scissorhands
83. The original founders/owners of Macy’s died on the Titanic and were the old couple in the movie who went to sleep as the ship went down.
84. The Ghostbusters hotline was real when they were showing the trailer for the movie.
85. When Rupert Grint tried out for the role of Ron in the Harry Potter movies, he tried to stand out by performing a rap.
86. The movie "Paranormal Activity" cost less than $15, 000 to make but grossed over $193, 000, 000
87. For the movie "The Mechinist, " Christian Bale lost 63 pounds by eating apples, drinking coffee and smoking every day.
88. In the movie "Castaway, " actual lines of dialogue were written for Wilson the Volleybal to help Tom Hanks interact with it.
89. The word "Ewok" is never once spoken in the Star Wars movies.
90. Judith Barsi, the girl who did the voice of Ducky in the Land before Time, was killed the same year the movie came out.
91. $30 of raw popcorn = $3, 000 in movie theater snack sales.
92. Robert De Niro spent $20, 000 for a dentist to mess up his teeth for his role in the movie, Cape Fear.
93. Etch A Sketch was in financial trouble until the toy was featured in the Toy Story movies sales jumped 20%, saving the company.
94. In Rugrats the movie, Reptar was voiced by Bust Rhymes
95. Jennifer Lawrence earned less than $1 million upfront for the first Hunger Games movie.
96. Every Harry Potter movie is on the list of top 50 highest grossing films of all time.
97. A horror movie may burn nearly 200 calories in 90 minutes.
98. The previews used to be shown at the end of a movie, which is why they are referred to as "trailers."
99. The directors of Despicable Me created a language for the gibberish Minions speak throughout the movie called "minion eise."
100. “I have a bad feeling about this” has been said in every Star Wars movie.
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