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Published : 2014-12-20 (over 3 years Ago) - Last updated over 2 years Ago

21 Best modern facts

Enjoy these fun, incredible, interesting, awesome and random modern facts.

1. In 2002, Dave Grohl became the first person to hold the number one spot on the modern rock charts as a member of three different groups.
2. The modern handshake may date back to the 5th century BC, where swordsmen would shake hands to show the hand held no weapon.
3. A modern Indian bride dumped her groom when she asked him to add 15 and 6—and he answered 17.
4. The modern British Army has more horses than tanks.
5. Neanderthals and modern humans were both living in Europe together for 5, 400 years.
6. Modern people have, on average, fewer friends than people did decades ago.
7. Rubber is a main ingredient in modern chewing gum.
8. Bone density has decreased significantly in recent modern humans as a result of less physical activity than our ancestors.
9. Most new cars fake engine noise through their speakers so that car enthusiasts will buy them. Modern engines are fairly quiet.
10. The child actor who plays the carefree Luke Dunphy on Modern Family is a member of high IQ society Mensa and is ready to start college.
11. Hitler led the first public anti smoking campaign in modern history.
12. About 40 million years ago, Antarctica was as warm as modern day California.
13. Neanderthals were more cognitively advanced than modern day humans.
14. African Wildcats were first domesticated 10, 000 years ago. They are the ancestors of modern housecats.
15. There is a restaurant called "Modern Toilet" where you sit on toilets and eat out of mini toilets.
16. Modern movies have an invisible fingerprint that can track any person filming at the theatre illegally.
17. Most modern Americans crave self respect more than feelings of security and belonging.
18. The modern world's first international sporting fixture was a cricket match played in 1844 between Canada and the USA. Canada won by 23 runs.
19. The Economist describes Rupert Murdoch as "inventing the modern tabloid", as he developed a pattern for his newspapers, increasing sports and scandal coverage and adopting eye catching headlines.
20. Neanderthal man had a brain capcity 100cc larger than modern man's.
21. Any modern jet is capable of breaking the sound barrier.
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