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Published : 2015-01-01 (over 3 years Ago) - Last updated over 3 years Ago

10 Best microwave facts

Enjoy these fun, incredible, interesting, awesome and random microwave facts.

1. On average, a Twinkie will explode in a microwave in 45 seconds
2. Putting limes in the microwave for 30 seconds will make them more juicy.
3. Clean your microwave by putting a cup of hot water & vinegar inside and heat it up for 3 5 minutes. Then wipe away!
4. Viagra, chocolate chip cookies, popsicles, brandy and the microwave = Examples of accidental discoveries.
5. Ants can survive in a microwave: they are small enough to dodge the rays.
6. According to Hostess, it takes about 45 seconds to explode a Twinkie in a standard powered microwave.
7. You can measure the speed of light with marshmallows and a microwave.
8. Microwave popcorn can lead to a lung condition that can shorten your life.
9. A typical microwave oven uses more electricity keeping its digital clock on standby than it does heating food.
10. So that's how they cheat a microwaved baseball will fly farther than a frozen baseball.
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