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Top 100 Interesting love facts

Enjoy these fun, incredible, interesting, awesome and random love facts.

1. If you mouth the word "colorful" to someone, it looks like you are saying "I love you."
2. Listening to the music that you love can boost your immune system.
3. In 1879 a drug was introduced to treat morphine addiction and the drug was very successful. Doctors and patients loved it. It was cocaine.
4. Falling in love produces the same high as taking cocaine.
5. Romantic love lasts a year. After that, "attachment love" sets in.
6. According to an Oxford study, falling in love costs you 2 friends.
7. I love it when I catch you looking at me, then you smile and look away.
8. Psychology says, you realize you love someone when you want them to be happy, even if its not with you.
9. "Sometimes, i pretend you love me."
10. “I’m afraid of falling in love."
11. "She was lovely, then things changed."
12. “Find someone who loves your soul”
13. Love yourself first before loving someone.
14. "Being in love is never easy."
15. You know you love someone when you save their texts and re read them when no one is watching.
16. Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control.
17. do u believe in love at first sight or .... .... should i enter again!!!
18. Love him for who he is, not for who you want him to be.
19. What would you do if I told you I love you?
20. I love hearing "gimmie a kiss" lawwwd... I be like Here get all of em
21. Erotomania is the delusional belief that a famous person is deeply in love with you.
22. i love when strangers smile at me and i smile back and we have that nice stranger smiling moment
23. No relationship is perfect. Every relationship has ups and downs. The ones who make it through everything are the ones really in love.
24. Someday I will find someone who will love me the way I loved you.
25. J.K. Rowling states that Voldemort cannot love because he was conceived under the effects of a Love Potion instead of real love.
26. When someone truly loves you, their actions will show and prove it to you.
27. The saddest love is to love someone. To know that they still want you. But the circumstances don’t let you have them
28. A French company can extract the smell of your dead loved one from their clothes and make a perfume out of it.
29. Studies have shown that falling in love can act as a potent painkiller.
30. u know what part i love about waking up? none of it. let me sleep
31. A person needs just three things to be truly happy in the world, someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.
32. People fall in love on average 7 times before marriage.
33. Dark chocolate contains the same chemical our body secretes when we fall in love called phenylethylamine (PEA)
34. While in love, people become: angry easily over small things, jealous, curious, & worry about losing that individual.
35. "Razbliuto" is a word that describes that empty feeling you have for someone you once loved, but no longer love.
36. We generally disregard and ignore the negative characteristics of the person we love.
37. We are more likely to fall in love with someone who actually makes us feel better about ourselves.
38. The longer couples are together, the less likely they are to say “I love you, ” according to a survey.
39. English has only one word for "love." Sanskrit has 96.
40. According to an Oxford study, falling in love costs you two close friends.
41. The longer couples are together, the less likely they are to say "I love you, " according to a survey.
42. Adult cats do not meow to communicate with each other. They only meow to communicate with humans and purr to those that they love.
43. Being different is what a #Leo loves.
44. No one knows for sure why tennis points go 15 30 40, or even why 0 is called love.
45. Pixar credits its success to its anti Disney approach: no songs, no happy village, no love story.
46. An Oxford University study has found that for every person you fall in love with and accommodate into your life you lose two close friends.
47. Chocolate releases the same chemical into your body that you get when you start falling in love.
48. The effect love has on your brain is similar to drug addiction, especially cocaine, heroine and meth.
49. "Addicted to love" is a real condition beacuse the feeling of being madly in love and sniffing cocaine is felt in the same area of the brain
50. In 1879 a drug was introduced to treat morphine addiction and the drug was very successful. Doctors and patients loved it. It was cocaine.
51. Act happy and others will want to be with you. People love happy people because they want to be happy themselves.
52. you live, you love, you cry, you lose, you bleed, you scream, YOU LEARN
53. A real man gives his lady the attention she deserves, gives her all of his love, calls her beautiful and treats her like a queen.
54. It is estimated that your chances of finding a four leaf clover on the first try are 1 in 10, 000.
55. A #Leo loves to give but doesnt expect much because they have their own.
56. Sleeping next to someone you love not only reduces depression, but it helps you live longer, and makes you fall asleep faster
57. In India, there is an organization called "The Love Commandos" that protects young couples who fall in love across different castes.
58. If you mouth the word "colorful" to someone, it looks like you are saying "I love you".
59. Someone who truly loves you will never let you go or give up on you, no matter how hard the situation is.
60. Love your parents. We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old.
61. Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing. Mother Teresa
62. Everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something, and has lost something.
63. Loving someone and being loved in return causes wounds to heal faster, due to the release of oxytocin in the blood.
64. Love is like a fine wine, the older the better. Fred Jacob
65. Love Hunters are people paid by wealthy individuals to scour shopping malls and other establishments for their ideal spouse.
66. David Tennant, who played Doctor Who, was inspired as a child to become an actor because he loved the original Doctor Who series.
67. Loving someone and being loved in return makes wounds heal faster, due to the release of oxytocin in the blood.
68. 5 Tips: Fight for her, Protect her, Love Her, Kiss her, Laugh with her.
69. When a person falls in love they tend to lose 2 3 close friends due to neglecting friendships for new found love.
70. Fight for the things you love, no matter what.
71. Psychology says, no matter how angry you get, you always end up forgiving the people you love.
72. Never ignore a person who loves and cares for you, because one day you may realize that you’ve lost the moon while counting the stars.
73. 3 most painful things: trying to hide what you really feel, loving someone who loves another, and taking risk to fall in love again.
74. Pixar literally created a better love story in 8 minutes in the movie UP than Twilight did in 4 movies.
75. The most common time to randomly wake up is around 3 to 5am, it is at this time that the one who loves you is thinking about you.
76. Psychologically, the only feeling of real loss is when you love someone more than yourself.
77. Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. For those who love with heart and soul, there is no separation!
78. Eating chocolate makes you happy because it contains phenylephylamine the same hormone the brain triggers when you fall in love.
79. Research suggests that women are more likely than men to suffer from obsessional love.
80. Being in love for a year helps in growing nerves, improves memory and the entire nervous system.
81. “It’s not about doing the things you love, it’s about doing things with the one you love.” (The Break Up)
82. The purpose of religion is not to build beautiful temples but to cultivate positive human qualities such as tolerance, generosity and love.
83. Exhale only love.
84. Love generates love.
85. Close your eyes, fall in love, stay there.
86. When two people love each other and want to make it work, they will.
87. Psychology states that falling in love has similar neurological effects as the high produced from taking cocaine.
88. When love involves an initial state of bliss, it can later make you feel sick or crazy.
89. Someone who becomes angry easily, over silly things subconsciously desires to be loved.
90. Hugging and or holding hands with the person you love has been proven to reduce stress almost instantly.
91. In Ancient Greece, it was common practice for men to have male lovers until they were 30 or so, then settle down with a woman and have kids.
92. "Frustration attraction" means that the individual who was dumped will love and lust for the person who dumped them even more.
93. Simply looking at a picture of a loved one can help relieve pain.
94. Falling in love produces several euphoria inducing chemicals in your body that will stimulate about 12 areas of an individual’s brain.
95. Holding hands with someone you love can help alleviate physical pain as well as feelings of stress and fear.
96. Going to college? Minor in what you love, major in what will give you a job.
97. Being in love shows up in brain scans like an addiction, not an emotion.
98. Simply looking at a photo of someone you love can help relieve pain.
99. Research shows that getting paid to do something decreases our enjoyment of the task, even if we previously loved it.
100. Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.
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