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10 Amazing homework facts

Enjoy these fun, incredible, interesting, awesome and random homework facts.

1. Too much homework can cause stress, depression, and even lower grades.
2. Students today spend more time on homework than ever in recorded history.
3. Too much homework has a negative impact on the GPA of High School students. Feeling overworked in school also cause depression.
4. Students who do their homework by themselves instead of constantly asking for help get higher scores on tests, according to a study.
5. A study found that 27% of teens change clothes, do homework, or change contact lenses while driving.
6. Spending too much time doing homework can lead to chronic depression.
7. A graduate student mistook 2 unproved theorems that his professor wrote on the chalkboard for a homework. He solved both within a few days
8. Today’s students spend more time on homework than other students have ever in recorded history.
9. Students today spend more time doing homework than ever in recorded history.
10. Cheating on more than 30% of your homework severely increases your chance of failure.
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