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8 Amazing hippopotamus facts

Enjoy these fun, incredible, interesting, awesome and random hippopotamus facts.

1. The pygmy hippopotamus is only half as tall as a normal hippo and weighs less than 1/4 as much as its larger cousin.
2. A hippopotamus is capable of swallowing a man whole.
3. The lips of a hippopotamus are nearly two feet wide.
4. A group of hippopotamuses is called a pod, herd, dale, or bloat.
5. A hippopotamus can open its mouth 180 degrees.
6. The lips of a hippopotamus are 24 inches wide.
7. The Hippopotamus is the 3rd largest land animal
8. Some dinosaurs were as small as a hen, but the typical dinosaur weighed about as much as a hippopotamus or an elephant.
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