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Published : 2014-12-20 (over 3 years Ago) - Last updated over 2 years Ago

44 Cool green facts

Enjoy these fun, incredible, interesting, awesome and random green facts.

1. The Incredible Hulk’s green skin color was originally a result of printing error (he was originally grey) that Stan Lee liked.
2. Drink green tea before bed to burn calories while sleeping. Green tea will also increase your metabolism.
3. Drinking green tea before bed will allow your body to burn calories while sleeping. Green tea also increases your metabolism.
4. The green Versace dress Jennifer Lopez wore to the 2000 Grammy Awards sparked the creation of Google Images.
5. Green is typically not worn at Scottish weddings because it is the color of fairies and an omen of revenge.
6. Eating leafy greens slows cognitive decline, according to a study.
7. Hit TV show "Lost" was greenlit based on a one line concept from an ABC network president, having little backstory or plot.
8. People are drawn into stores by warm hues like reds, oranges, and yellows, but once inside cool colors like blues and greens encourage them
9. A study found people with lighter eye colors (blue, green, hazel, grey) have a higher alcohol tolerance.
10. The color green makes you more creative.
11. The rarest natural eye colors are green, amber, violet, black, and red.
12. 1 in every 5 people in Greenland attempts to kill themselves at some point in their lifetimes.
13. Prior to a Coca Cola ad campaign in the 1930′s, Santa Claus was most often depicted donned in green or purple attire.
14. Nigger shoes Nigger shoes, would/should have these common characteristics, orange, yellow, green, purple, and or metallic in color.
15. Samuel L. Jackson purposely requested his lightsaber to be purple so he could find himself among hundreds of green and blue sabers.
16. Michael Cameron was a student of Greenbrier High School in 1998 who was suspended for wearing a Pepsi shirt on Coke day.
17. Smelling, not eating, green apples can help you lose weight.
18. The green cap on a bottle of Sriracha represents the stem of a fresh chili.
19. Blood can turn green underwater.
20. The blood of an octopus is a pale bluish/green
21. When crying for help, call out specific people (eg. "you with the green shirt!"). It makes people more likely to act.
22. Until 2011, the Libyan flag was solid green the only national flag in the world with just one color and no design
23. The rainbow tree sheds its outer bark to reveal bright splashes of green, orange and purple beneath.
24. Emus lay emerald to forest green eggs
25. Greenland sharks eat polar bears and reindeer and can live until 200 years old.
26. Drinking white or green tea every day will minimize the environmental damage done to your skin, and minimize fine lines and wrinkles.
27. Being in a green setting or even glancing at the color green can make you more creative.
28. You can buy green tea and soy sauce flavored Kit Kat in Japan.
29. Greenland shark eats polar bears and reindeer and can live until 200 years.
30. While filling a bath, drop in 5 10 green tea bags. This will detox your body, relax you, and give your skin a bountiful amount of minerals!
31. 2% of people on this planet have green eyes.
32. After WWII, the U.S. offered to buy the country of Greenland from Denmark for $100, 000, 000, but Denmark refused to sell.
33. Boost your metabolism by drinking green tea! The brew contains a plant compound called ECGC which promotes fat burning.
34. A female Green Spoonworm inhales the males through feeding tubes, who then spend their lives in her genital sac fertilizing eggs.
35. The sloth moves so slowly that green algae can grow undisturbed on its fur!
36. Green turtles migrate as far as 1600 miles away, but they always return to the same beach to nest.
37. A snowflake that falls on a glacier in central Greenland can take 200, 000 years to reach the sea.
38. When is an orange green? When it's a Valencia! Sometimes warm weather causes the skin to regreen, or reabsorb chlorophyll, giving it a greenish color. But it will still taste great.
39. One percent of Greenland's population lives in a single apartment building.
40. Smelling bananas and/or green apples (smelling, not eating) can help you lose weight.
41. The last time American Green cards were actually green was 1964.
42. The sloth (a mammal) moves so slowly that green algae can grow undisturbed on its fur.
43. There are no ants in Iceland, Antarctica, and Greenland.
44. Wearing yellow makes you look bigger on camera; green, smaller.
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