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Top 100 Cool girl facts

Enjoy these fun, incredible, interesting, awesome and random girl facts.

1. The youngest ever recorded, intentional suicide was by a six year old girl who hung herself by a crib
2. The founder of match. com, lost his girlfriend to a man she met on match. com
3. According to a survey, men can listen to their male friends for ages, but he can only listen to his girlfriend or wife for six minutes.
4. Boy: I want to be a super hero. Guess what I want my name to be. Girl: Superman? Batman? Ironman? Boy: No, Yourman
5. Instagram: Selfie of a girl who just dyed her hair with a caption that says "Change is good"
6. Instagram: Girl laying on her couch with her dog and the caption reads "cuddle sesh with bae"
7. In 2009, a 13 year old Chinese girl tried to commit suicide so that she could donate her liver to her dying father.
8. Instagram: Screenshot of a Skype session between a girl and her bf that she is definitely cheating on. Caption: "Miss this handsome guy!"
9. Actor Alan Rickman (Professor Snape) has been with his first girlfriend since 1965—since he was 19 years old.
11. How to keep a girl happy: 1) Grab her butt 2) Buy her food 3) Cuddle with her 4) Repeat
12. A total of 81 girls were named Cheetara after she was added to the "ThunderCats" line up in 1985.
13. Wal Mart once had “Fat Girl Costumes” on their website, they quickly removed them and apologized via Twitter.
14. Psychology says that girls who trust their fathers to tend to have better communication and longer relationships with their boyfriends.
15. girls do everything in a picture to make their ass look bigger except workout.
16. In 2012, more than 150 girls were named Khaleesi.
17. South Koreans have released an iPhone app that gives lonesome cell phone owners regular messages from a digital girlfriend named Mina.
18. if you have $20 and your girlfriend has $20, that just means your girlfriend has $40
19. If your wife/girlfriend got pregnant this week, chances are your kid would be born on 12 12 12.
20. Tina Fey wrote the screenplay for Mean Girls.
21. There are roughly 10 million more baby boys than girls born worldwide each year.
22. Adolescent girls are more likely to remember their dreams than their male counterparts, according to a 2011 study.
23. A girls twitter is full of hints
24. An Ethiopian girl was kidnapped and attacked until a pride of lions chased her attackers off and stayed to defend her until help arrived.
25. 28% of men surveyed said they would sleep with their best friend’s mom or girlfriend if the Apocalypse was near.
26. Walmart once labeled the plus sized Halloween costumes as "Fat Girl Costumes" on its website.
27. In 2011, a man from Minnesota was arrested for converting a vibrator into explosive device and giving it to his ex girlfriend as Xmas gift.
28. 80% of 10 year old girls surveyed in the U.S. have been on a diet.
29. One of the most prolific serial killers in history (killed >300 girls) was released on a $50 bail in 1998, and is currently free.
30. One third of girls in the developing world are married before the age of 18 – 1 in 9 are married before the age of 15.
31. When my girlfriend said she was leaving because of my obsession with The Monkees, I thought she was joking... And then I saw her face.
32. The Power Puff Girls were originally based off of the three good fairies from Sleeping Beauty.
33. Across the 24 James Bond films, there have been 75 Bond girls.
34. In Beijing, among third children, almost three baby boys are born for every baby girl.
35. This month, a Georgia teen was arrested for stealing a goat—he was going to ask the girl he liked if she would "goat to prom" with him.
36. Girls in 4th grade are wearing lulus and Torys, when I was in 4th grade I wore gauchos and platform flip flops.
37. Buttercup (The Powerpuff Girl) and Tommy from the Rugrats were voiced by the same person.
38. Bruce Willis once bought 12, 000 girl scout cookies for millitary service members in the middle east
39. 50 to 60% of American teenage girls believe they are overweight, yet only 15 to 20% of them are actually overweight.
40. "Hey bill, which one CAME first, the chicken or the egg??" Me: "your girl"
41. In 1939, a five year old girl successfully gave birth to a 6 pound baby boy
42. According to a survey, men can listen to a male friend for ages, but he can only listen to his girlfriend or spouse for six minutes.
43. In March 2015, a Georgia teen was arrested for stealing a goat—he was going to ask the girl he liked if she would "goat to prom" with him.
44. Hitler believed he was attractive to women, so he remained single for political gain—no one knew about his girlfriends until after the war.
45. being called "my girl" or "princess" or getting forehead kisses or being held at the waist or having their hands run through your hair UGH
46. Cop: u got anything in your pockets that will hurt me?" Drake: *gives them old girlfriends numbers* "yeah, these girls will"
47. A U.K. study found that by age 4, girls think that they are more clever, more successful, and harder working than their male classmates.
48. Be careful what you say. A girl remembers everything.
49. Mensa accepted a 4 year girl who happens to have an IQ level just one point below that of Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein.
50. Worldwide, there are 107 boy babies born for every 100 girl babies.
51. Girls might not be able to find their purse, shoes or car keys but they sure as hell can remember something you said 8 months ago.
52. If your girlfriend seems to be in a bad mood for no reason, get her something to eat. It could save you.
53. In 2011, 27 baby girls were named Khaleesi. It means Queen in a fictional language from Game of Thrones
54. Girls who have high trust with their fathers, also tend to have high trust with their boyfriends.
55. "A white girl sucked my dick so good that I stopped wearing Jordans and started wearing sperrys" Sandalwood HS
56. Boys are statistically more likely to have bad habits than girls.
57. After the 4th time the professor explained a problem a girl packed up, said "stripping is easier" & walked out. Miami Dade Wolfson
58. In 2012, a 6 year old girl threw a temper tantrum so extreme she was handcuffed and taken to jail from her kindergarten class.
59. A 12 year old girl in Quebec once sued her father for grounding her from her grade six graduation trip, and won.
60. Bitch stare A look given by girls to other girls to intimidate. U look right up & down, then look into their eyes like ¬ ¬ and walk off
61. A year before it came out, J.K. Rowling revealed the plot of the fourth Harry Potter book to a girl who would die before it was published.
62. Bitch Definition: Any girl who is skinnier or prettier than you.
63. Young girls with higher IQs are twice as likely to use illegal drugs later in life.
64. Girls outperform boys in educational achievement in 70% of the world.
65. All a girl really wants is for one guy to prove to her that they are not all the same. Marilyn Monroe
66. Yes skinny girls are attractive but curvy girls are just as gorgeous, Look at the girl in my last tweet, she looked much better before dieting
67. There is a street in California that is called “Slave Girl.”
68. According to one study, fifty percent of men say a girl asking them out is a turn on.
69. Pixar sent a DVD of "UP" to a 10 year old girl with cancer, who was too sick to see it in theater. She died 7 hours later.
70. Studies show that watching TV negatively affects self confidence in girls, especially girls of color.
71. 3 out of 4 teenage girls feel depressed after looking at a fashion magazine for only 3 minutes, according to a study.
72. In 2013, 20 baby girls were named "Kindle" in the U.S.
73. According to a survey, only 21% of girls believe they have what it takes to be a leader.
74. The average 12 year old girl has seen about 77, 546 commercials.
75. girls hate kim k and bring up that she sucked dick to get famous but you bitches suck dick and barely get a text back sooo
76. The Powerpuff Girls were originally called the WhoopAss Girls.
77. One in every five teenage girls will become pregnant during high school.
78. Turn On for Girls ;) ?? See in last Tweet :D. Is that true ?
79. On average, girls learns to talk earlier, use sentences earlier, and tend to read faster than boys.
80. Pixar sent a DVD of "UP" to a 10 year old girl with cancer, who was too sick to see it in theater. She died 7h later.
81. A 14 year old girl once died after drinking two cans of Monster energy drink.
82. There is a street in California that is called "Slave Girl."
83. To describe a situation when a girl looks good from the back but actually has butter face, Japanese use a term called Bakku shan.
84. A man in China once had 9, 999 red roses sewn into a dress for his girlfriend before asking for her hand in marriage.
85. In China there is a website that lets you rent a girlfriend for as low as $31 for a week
86. The girlfriend of the founder of Match. com dumped him for a man she met on Match. com.
87. "Went to my first party, drank for the first time, had my first kiss, lost my viginity, and got my first STD. Catholic girls party hard" CSC
88. 60% of girls are unhappy with the way they look.
89. i say “fight me” a lot for a girl who is 5”3’ and has a hard time opening some doors because they’re too heavy
90. Girls who trust their fathers to tend to have better communication and longer relationships with their boyfriends.
91. Remember, the girls who say, "a lot of guys are after me", should keep in mind that low prices always attract many customers.
92. Men have nipples because everyone is a female until the Y chromosome kicks in. You were all girl embryos.
93. What girls look for in guys: brown eyes messy hair cute nose 4 paws golden retriever
94. Judith Barsi, the girl who did the voice of Ducky in the Land before Time, was killed the same year the movie came out.
95. Psychology says girls with high levels of trust with their fathers have significantly better communication and trust with their boyfriends.
96. If twin boys had children with twin girls, the offspring would all genetically be siblings.
97. A girl abducted in Africa was saved from her attackers and defended for about half a day by three lions.
98. Girls are now reaching puberty at younger ages because of obesity, a new study finds.
99. If your girlfriend catches you looking at another woman, turn to her and say “I’m glad you don’t dress like that.”
100. Girls who have high trust with their Fathers, also have high trust with their Boyfriends.
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