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Top 100 Cool game facts

Enjoy these fun, incredible, interesting, awesome and random game facts.

1. Playing video games increases creativity, enables more detailed sight, improves concentration and makes people happier.
2. Air Jordans were banned from the NBA, however Michael Jordan always wore them as Nike was willing to pay the fine for each game.
3. The board game "Clue" was originally named "Murder!"
4. One Direction are the youngest band to ever perform at the Olympic Games.
5. Windows 95 was the second most installed piece of software on computers in 1995; videogame DOOM was first.
6. im downloading that choco blocks game i wanna see what the fuss is about
7. Psychology says that people who regularly play video games are faster at making real life decisions.
8. According to Michael Burlingame, author of "The Inner World of Abraham Lincoln", Mary Todd used to beat the hell out of Abraham Lincoln.
9. 1/4 of Americans think god helps decide the outcome of football games.
10. The creator of Flappy Bird has announced that he will be taking the game down tomorrow. He says it is ruining his life.
11. Video games are more effective at battling depression than counseling is.
12. South Korea bans children aged under 16 from playing online games between midnight and 6AM under a so called "Cinderella Law."
13. In the game Cards Against Humanity, the person who pooped last should go first, according to the official rules.
14. Jennifer Lawrence from The Hunger Games auditioned for the role of Bella Swan in the Twilight series, but lost the role to Kristen Stewart.
15. Video games can train people to make faster real life decisions that are just as accurate as well thought out decisions.
16. The game known as "Chinese Checkers" originated in Germany.
17. There are urinals that allow users to play a video game by directing their urine to the left or right.
18. According to a study, kids who play video games for more than three hours a day are more likely to get into fights and be hyperactive.
19. Hodor from the TV show "Game of Thrones" is a successful DJ in real life.
20. On February 27, 2015, a gamer completed the entirety of "The Legend of Zelda" (minus the “Second Quest”) in 30 minutes and six seconds.
21. The average person can accurately track 3 4 moving objects at a time, while an avid action gamer can track 6 7.
22. The average NFL game features only 10 minutes and 43 seconds of action The rest are commercials, replays and commentary.
23. You can call the Hunger Games hotline (404) 698 2903, and actually participate in the game!
24. Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow on Game Of Thrones, is a descendent of John Harington, who invented the toilet.
25. Link from "The Legend of Zelda" is so named because he is the "link" between the player and the game.
26. To help pigs from getting bored and biting one another before slaughter, a video game was developed.
27. If you search for "atari breakout" in Google Images, you can play the game.
28. The Navy e Reader Device, for use aboard US Navy Submarines, is pre loaded with Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings books.
29. Athletes in ancient games competed in the nude. In fact, "gymnasium" comes from the Greek word "gymnós, " which means naked.
30. "Vas Madness" is a phenomenon where U.S. men get vasectomies that coincide with March Madness so they can stay home and watch the games.
31. Air Jordans were banned from the NBA, however Michael Jordan always wore them as Nike was willing to pay the fine for each game.
32. Kids who play video games tend to have better hand eye coordination, a better memory, and better problem solving skills.
33. A survey found one in five women have ended a relationship because their significant other was too busy playing video games.
34. The creator of the board game Monopoly intended the game to demonstrate that monopolies are bad for society
35. A soccer team in Madagascar in a sign of protest spent an entire match scoring own goals on themselves. The game ended 149 0.
36. The Nintendo Game Boy was the first video game console played in outer space.
37. The average NFL game features only 10 minutes and 43 seconds of action. The other 3 hours are commercials, replays and commentary.
38. The word “selfie” has been officially accepted for use in the word game Scrabble.
39. The original Mortal Kombat game was created by a five man team in 8 months.
40. Tetris is a game, which if played for 30 minutes a day, can make one smarter.
41. my "lol oh" game strong af
42. Benedict Cumberbatch is actually related to Alan Turing, who he portrayed in "The Imitation Game."
43. Mario has appeared in over 190 video games.
44. The GameCube is not technically a cube, since its measurements are 5.9 × 6.3 × 4.3 in.
45. Left handed people process things faster than righties while playing computer games or sports.
46. 83, 000 people die every minute in the game "Call of Duty: Black Ops II."
47. The NES sold so many games that if you stacked them on top of each other, the tower would be over 6, 000 miles high.
48. In 2013, a dad in China hired gamers to kill his son in video games so the son would start looking for a job and get a life.
49. The original Legend of Zelda was the first console game with the ability to save your progress.
50. Rockstar Games paid for Grand Theft Auto to receive negative press.
51. In 2011, 27 baby girls were named Khaleesi. It means Queen in a fictional language from Game of Thrones
52. More people have "died" inside the Halo Games than have ever died in real life on Earth.
53. The "Clash of Clans" game makes more than $1 million a day.
54. Sonic the Hedgehog would have to consume 686 chili dogs to run through a full game stage at supersonic speed.
55. The original Game Boy was 2.3 times faster than the NES.
56. A “Pokerus” (Pokemon Virus) is a sickness that Pokemon can get in the games that raises their stats; it is extremely rare.
57. You can buy the board game from Jumanji.
58. Suzanne Collins, the author of The Hunger Games, also wrote episodes of Clarissa Explains It All back in the 1990s.
59. Beer Pong Definition: A game that needs to be an olympic sport.
60. After a hockey game fight, there is a 76 percent chance of at least one team playing better within the next three minutes.
61. In a game of chess, the color white has nearly 10% more win rate compared to black.
62. On Kickstarter, the most backed project of all time is a card game called "Exploding Kittens."
63. Donkey Kong Jr. is the only game where Mario appears as the villain.
64. Young male chimpanzees have been seen using logs to play the "airplane game" moving the log side to side in the air just like humans do.
65. The 1904 Summer Olympic Games, held in St. Louis, included greased pole climbing, rock throwing, and mud fighting.
66. Forrest Gump is being made into a videogame, where you run through his entire story.
67. Gary Gygax was a devout Christian who created a game that fundamentalist Christians hate — Dungeons & Dragons.
68. In a study following the lives of 19, 000 kids for 10 years, video games had no negative effects on the children.
69. The Nintendo DS is the second best selling video game console of all time.
70. Most soccer players run 7 miles in a game.
71. A "Pokerus" (Pokemon Virus) is a sickness that Pokemon can get in the games that raises their stats; it is extremely rare.
72. You ever download a game and after you play it once you realize the next few months of your life is now gone? I have...thanks Vayde!!
73. It is a misdemeanor to shoot at any kind of game from a moving vehicle, unless the target is a whale. (California)
75. Josh Hutcherson read the entire Hunger Games trilogy in five days to prepare for his role as Peeta.
76. Psychopaths make more money than normal people in negotiation games because they are more willing to accept unfair offers.
77. The average American spends a third of their overall time online playing games and using social networks.
78. Pigs are made enemies in Angry Birds because swine flu was riding high when the game was being developed.
79. The very first game of basketball was played with a soccer ball and two peach baskets for the hoops.
80. In 2013, 59% of Americans played video games and consumers spent $21.5 billion on the gaming industry.
81. In 2009, scientists announced a skin disorder they called “PlayStation palmar hidradenitis” caused by too much video game playing.
82. There was an Atari 2600 cartridge that allowed gamers to download games via telephone line
83. 68% of professional hockey players have lost at least one tooth in a game.
84. The player who goes first in a game of Connect Four can always win if they play the right moves.
85. Game of Thrones has a 6 million dollar budget. Per episode.
86. 60% of NBA players are broke within five years of retiring from the game.
87. Jennifer Lawrence earned less than $1 million upfront for the first Hunger Games movie.
88. Pigs can learn to play video games with joysticks as fast as chimps, faster than a 3 year old child and are better than both.
89. Some teachers have their students play the "Heads Up, Seven Up" game so they can figure out who the cheaters are.
90. The creators of Grand Theft Auto actually paid for bad press, knowing activists would protest the game and give them more publicity.
91. Video Games are illegal in Greece.
92. 1 in 4 Americans think God helps decide the outcome of football games.
93. The average 3 hour baseball game contains only 18 minutes of game action.
94. It is possible to win Monopoly in 21 seconds; this super short game happens once every 253, 899, 891, 671, 040 games.
95. Playing video games can reduce your nightmares, because gamers "resolve threats" during game play instead of in their dreams.
96. The popular game Candy Crush makes over $600, 000 a day.
97. The longest baseball game in history lasted for two days.
98. Reading, writing and playing games can help prevent memory loss later in life.
99. After tearing a ligament in his throwing arm during what would be his final game, Nolan Ryan threw 1 last pitch that was clocked at 98 mph.
100. Two thirds of mobile gamers are less than 45 years old
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