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Published : 2014-12-22 (over 3 years Ago) - Last updated over 2 years Ago

17 Cool galaxy facts

Enjoy these fun, incredible, interesting, awesome and random galaxy facts.

1. If the Andromeda galaxy was brighter, it would appear larger than the moon.
2. There’s a massive cloud full of alcohol in the center of our galaxy. It would smell like rum and taste like raspberries.
3. Scientists believe that there is a black hole at the center of nearly every massive galaxy.
4. In about 4 billion years, the Milky Way will merge with the Andromeda galaxy.
5. Some scientists estimate that there are as many as 100, 000 intelligent alien civilizations in our galaxy alone.
6. If an alien in a galaxy 65 million light years away is looking at us through a telescope right now, then they are looking at dinosaurs.
7. If you were to produce a sound louder than 1, 100 dB, you would create a black hole and destroy the galaxy.
8. Vin Diesel recorded his lines for "Guardians of the Galaxy" while wearing stilts so he could get a sense of how large Groot actually is.
9. The supermassive black hole in the center of our galaxy has 4 million times the mass of the Sun.
10. Our galaxy probably contains at least 2 billion planets like Earth.
11. Samsung dumped a bucket of ice water over a waterproof Galaxy S5 to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge.
12. Star Wars inspired many of the aspects in Guardians of the Galaxy.
13. There is a diamond floating in our galaxy that is bigger than Earth.
14. Astronomers say there are at least 8.8 billion planets with a similar size and temperature as Earth in our galaxy alone.
15. Scientists suggest that 60 billion planets in our Milky Way galaxy alone could support life.
16. The Sun takes 220 million years to orbit the galaxy, a journey it has made 20 times so far.
17. Relative to our galaxy, the Earth is traveling through space at more than 500, 000 mph.
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