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Top 100 Fun book facts

Enjoy these fun, incredible, interesting, awesome and random book facts.

1. After checking your Facebook notifications, or Twitter timelines, it takes the brain 15 minutes to return to serious mental tasks
2. There are 30 million accounts on Facebook of people who have already died
3. A pair of library books were issued by George Washington and never returned. They are now 224 years overdue.
4. Brazil prisons offer their prisoners the chance to reduce their prison sentence by four days for every book they read and write a report on.
5. The cost of college textbooks has risen 812% in the past 30 years – More than healthcare, housing prices, and college tuition.
6. Less than 1% of books published sell more than 50 thousand copies.
7. "Harry Potter" is mentioned 18, 956 times throughout all the Harry Potter books.
8. People who post Facebook status updates about their romantic partner are more likely to have low self esteem, according to research.
9. According to a survey, 59% of people remain Facebook friends with an ex after they’ve broken up.
10. 85% of women say they are regularly annoyed by their Facebook friends.
11. Facebook loses $24, 420 for every minute it is down.
12. People using Facebook are twice as likely to click on a political advertisement designed to evoke anger than one with a neutral message.
13. Nelson Mandela co authored a book with Fidel Castro.
14. People on average; take 15 minutes to return to serious mental tasks after updating their Facebook status or sending Tweet.
15. It would take you 2, 487, 996 yrs to randomly arrange 15 books on a shelf in every possible combination every minute!
16. There is a book available in China "Harry Potter and the Chinese Overseas Students at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry".
17. The least used category of emoji are the “reading materials”—the book, the pile of books, the newspapers.
18. The new Facebook trend in Sweden is downing a glass of beer on camera in 30 sec and then challenge 3 friends to do the same within 24 hours.
19. China blocks Facebook but still has 95 million Facebook users.
20. Facebook now has more monthly active users than China has people.
21. Myspace is blue, Facebook is blue, Instagram is blue, Tumblr is blue, Twitter is blue. The color blue relieves stress.
22. A study found that the more agreeable a person is, the more likely that person will be tagged in Facebook photos posted by other people.
23. Artistic, imaginative, and creative people are most likely to complete the personal information sections on Facebook, according to a study.
24. When Zuckerberg created Facebook in 2004, he bragged about people trusting his site with personal information and called them dumb f*cks.
25. Facebook engineers originally wanted to call the like button the awesome button.
26. Hillary Clinton won a Grammy in 1997 for Best Spoken Word Album for the audio version of her book "It Takes a Village."
27. Shia LaBeouf found an agent through the phone book at the age of 11.
28. People generally compare their lives to others via Facebook which is why spending less time on Facebook can improve happiness.
29. World renowned physicist and author Stephen Hawking has joined Facebook.
30. All the books in Dumbledore’s office in the Harry Potter movies are just the Yellow Pages rebound to look old.
31. Disney copies many of their own dance scenes in several movies including Snow White, Robin Hood, The Aristocats, and The Jungle Book.
32. Obama’s favorite children’s book is “Where the Wild Things Are.”
33. There are currently more people on Facebook, than there were on the planet 200 years ago.
34. Brazil prisons offer the prisoners a chance to reduce their prison sentence by up to 48 days/year for every book they read&write a report on
35. The “real” Christopher Robin, of whom the “Winnie the Pooh” stories were inspired by, actually hated the books.
36. A recent study found that using Facebook for long periods of time can cause boredom, depression and fatigue.
37. A 19 year old mother was once arrested after she posted a Facebook photo showing her infant smoking out of a bong.
38. An inmate once escaped prison, once out, he began posting photos of himself mocking the police on Facebook which led police straight to him.
39. Justin Bieber once booked the entire Staples Center in L.A. for a screening of the movie Titanic.
40. The Navy e Reader Device, for use aboard US Navy Submarines, is pre loaded with Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings books.
41. About 50% of all Facebook relationships that have survived 3 months are likely to survive to four years or longer.
42. In Kenya, there is a Camel Mobile Library—camels transport books from the capital to surrounding villages that are up to 248 miles away.
43. Female Facebook users are more likely to suffer from depression and are also known to be unhappy with their lives.
44. The cost of college textbooks in the US has risen faster than the cost of healthcare, house prices and inflation.
45. There are libraries around the world where you can check out humans as living books and listen to their stories.
46. You can get most answers to math assignments online by typing in the name of the textbook and then "answers".
47. The Main Library at Indiana University sinks over an inch every year because engineers failed to account for the weight of all the books.
48. Tiny pseudoscorpions (about 4mm) live inside old books, effectively protecting them by eating booklice and dustmites
49. Isaac Asimov is the only author to have a book in every Dewey decimal category.
50. Facebook changed their "feeling fat" emoji" to "feeling stuffed" after body image activists protested with a petition.
51. Research has found that a 20% bump in Facebook use equated with an over 2% bump in divorce rates between 2008 and 2010.
52. Facebook makes people depressed because it leads them to believe that their friends
53. 41% of people say that their first social media profile was on Facebook, while 26% say it was Myspace.
54. Steve Chen worked at Facebook for a few weeks before quitting to do his own startup. It was called YouTube.
55. Before filming "Birdman, " Michael Keaton played Batman, Edward Norton played the Hulk, and Emma Stone played Gwen Stacy — comic book roles.
56. A Narcissistic Personality Inventory test was taken and it was found that students with more Facebook friends scored higher than the rest.
57. In 2006 a guy named Chris Putnam hacked into Facebook and made thousands of profiles look like MySpace profiles. Facebook hired him.
58. You can get $100 off any vacation package from Delta Airlines if you book that trip during your birthday month.
59. Facebook should have a limit on the number of times people can change their relationship status. After 5 it should default to "Unstable"
60. Instagram is the most important social network for teens, followed by Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, respectively.
61. People who like “Thunderstorms, ” “The Colbert Report, ” “Science, ” and “Curly Fries, ” on Facebook are more likely to be intelligent.
62. Ryan Gosling was cast in the movie "The Notebook" because the director was looking for someone that was "not handsome" and "not cool."
63. There is a new Facebook feature that will let you designate who will manage your page after you die.
64. Nothing says "My balls are kept in a jar inside her purse" quite like a joint Facebook account.
65. "I told my mom to send me $400 for textbooks, I now have enough alcohol to last me a month." Monmouth University
66. Studies show that movies and books are better when you experience them for a second time.
67. 70% of Facebook users are on the site daily.
68. There is a children’s book called “Go The Fuck to Sleep’, which is narrated by Samuel L. Jackson.
69. Textbooks are available to rent online instead of buying them all at the bookstore
70. The forbidden fruit mentioned in the Book of Genesis is assumed to be an apple, but the Bible does not identify what type of fruit it is.
71. Reading physical books will help you remember what you read, since memory is also tactile.
72. People who get their news from Twitter tend to be more educated than those who get their news from Facebook.
73. A year before it came out, J.K. Rowling revealed the plot of the fourth Harry Potter book to a girl who would die before it was published.
74. Before he became an artist, Van Gogh tried to be a teacher, a bookshop clerk, and a preacher.
75. 890 million people uses Facebook every day. $FB
76. Recent study shows that Facebook helps people feel connected, but it doesn’t make them happier.
77. Facebook was down 60 minutes today, and lost more than $1 million in advertising revenue. $FB
78. Google intends to scan all known existing 130 million unique books by the end of the decade.
79. Facebook is testing disappearing posts, where users can schedule a status update to expire at a predetermined time.
80. People who get their news from Twitter are more educated than those who get their news from Facebook.
81. When Facebook originally began, it required a valid college email, so that it was only used by scholars.
82. Immediately after the release of new Harry Potter books, there were half as many children in the ER of most hospitals.
83. Researchers found that having too many friends on Facebook causes people to have a negative perception of you.
84. After WWII, the U.S. military published a handbook on how to get along with the French.
85. 30% of the general population gets their news from Facebook.
86. The Wachowski siblings originally conceived "The Matrix" as a comic book.
87. 78% of Americans prefer receiving a romantic text rather than an affectionate Facebook post or Tweet, according to a survey.
88. Facebook is down for most of the world. Workplace productivity is at an all time high. #facebookdown
89. A few U.S. libraries still carry library books that were bound with human skin.
90. Over 350 million people suffer from FAD (Facebook Addiction Disorder).
91. People who put their Facebook status as "In a relationship" are more committed to that relationship.
92. J.K. Rowling was the first author to become a billionaire from writing books.
93. Fifty Shades of Grey was originally a Twilight fan fiction ebook.
94. You can report suicidal users on Facebook.
95. A 1938 comic book, which includes the first appearance of Superman, sold for $3, 207, 852 USD.
96. People in Iceland read more books per capita than any other people in the world.
97. If a Facebook profile picture has two people in it, there is about an 80% chance it belongs to the less attractive one.
98. Al Qaeda and other terrorists have a handbook on why brutal killings are "necessary" the Management of Savagery.
99. Security researcher Charlie Miller used a flaw in Safari to break into a MacBook in under 10 seconds.
100. The average person is far more likely to remember a Facebook status than a line from a well written book.
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