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Top 100 Interesting billion facts

Enjoy these fun, incredible, interesting, awesome and random billion facts.

1. If you had 1 billion dollars and spent $25, 000 a day, it would take you 110 years to spend it all.
2. Apple has $178 billion in cash. It could buy: Uber Tesla Twitter Netflix Dropbox Airbnb Snapchat SpaceX and still have $20 billion left.
3. Regulations instituted by George W. Bush cost the U.S. $8.1 billion annually Regulations by Obama cost $46 billion annually.
4. J.K. Rowling have been a billionaire until this year. She donated so much of her earnings to charity that she lost her billionaire status
5. In April 2010, Bill Gates had donated over $36, 854, 000, 000 in his lifetime, which is more than half of his current net worth of $61 billion.
6. In 1997, Yahoo turned down the offer to acquire Google for only $1 million. Today Google is worth $250 billion.
7. The most popular beverage in the world is coffee, with more than 400 billion cups consumed each year.
8. Since 2007, Bill Gates has given away about $28 billion, & has saved approximately six million lives.
9. Visiting every star in the Milky Way would take at least 420 billion years.
10. The pornography industry is a $97 billion business worldwide.
11. After making 1.4 billion crayons, the senior crayon maker for Crayola admitted he was color blind.
12. Bill Gates could give away 95% of his entire wealth and still technically be a billionaire.
13. The two brothers who invented the Hot Pocket sold the company for $2.6 billion.
14. The universe contains over 100 billion galaxies.
15. The Amazon is home to an estimated 390 billion trees and 16, 000 diverse tree species.
16. Absenteeism and decreased productivity from alcohol hangovers cost the U.S. economy $148 billion every year.
17. Video of "On the Floor" by Jennifer Lopez have reached more than half billion views on Youtube.
18. It is estimated that it would take 400 billion trees to print out the Internet.
19. “Nothing” has over 1.7 billion search results.
20. People actually spend $42.5 billion per year trying to color gray hair. Americans spend less than this every year on diet products.
21. Over 56 billion animals are killed each year.
22. Bill Gates is the richest person in the world again � worth $75 billion.
23. You will experience your billionth second of life when you are 31 years old.
24. Of the 247 BILLION email messages sent every day, 81% are pure spam.
25. Every day an adult body produces 300 billion new cells.
26. Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, boosts the British economy by £1 billion a year—women buy the products and clothes she uses.
27. London has the most billionaires of any city in the world.
28. Hershey Chocolate is owned by a K 12 school with less than 2, 000 students and an endowment worth billions of dollars.
29. Sagittarius B, an interstellar cloud 26, 000 light years from Earth, contains a billion billion billion litres of alcohol.
30. There are approximately three million shipwrecks on the ocean floor, worth billions in value and treasure.
31. Apple has $178 billion in cash. It could buy: Uber Tesla Twitter Netflix Dropbox Airbnb Snapchat SpaceX and still have $20 billion left.
32. Emerson Moser retired after making 1.4 billion crayons for Crayola for 37 years, and then announced he was colorblind.
33. More than 4 billion LEGO people have been made – making them the world’s largest population group.
34. Americans eat enough peanut butter in a year to make more than 10 billion peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
35. $41 billion worth of gift cards have likely gone unredeemed from 2005 to 2011.
36. Americans buy 11 billion paper clips a year, which is about 35 clips for every person in the country.
37. The founder of WhatsApp went from an immigrant on welfare to selling his app for $19 Billion in 21 years.
38. It takes 300 years for a human to count to 10 billion out loud.
39. In 2010, the Catholic Church had an income of $97 billion.
40. Estimates for the total number of people killed in wars throughout all of human history range from 150 million to 1 billion.
41. This year, it is estimated that March Madness will cost the collective American workplace nearly $2 billion due to distraction.
42. More than 1.5 billion marshmallow Peeps are consumed each spring.
43. Apple has $178 billion in cash. It could buy: Uber Tesla Twitter Netflix Dropbox Airbnb Snapchat SpaceX and still have $20 billion left.
44. J.K. Rowling is the first person who lost her billionaire status because of giving huge sum of money in donations.
45. There are as many as 10 million to a billion black holes in the Milky Way alone.
46. There are as many as ten million to a billion black holes in the Milky Way alone.
47. Only one person in two billion will live to be 116 or older.
48. The International Space Station is estimated to be the most expensive thing ever built ($160 billion)
49. Americans throw away 30 billion foam cups, 220 million tires, and 1.8 billion disposable diapers every year.
50. 4.8 billion people own mobile phones whereas only 4.2 billion own a toothbrush.
51. Snapchat is now valued at $15 billion. Twitter is valued at $30B.
52. Every year, women lose approximately 1.73 billion bobby pins.
53. There are 1 billion cattle in the world — 200, 000, 000 of those cattle are in India, where the slaughter of cows is largely illegal.
54. The Moon is now about 18 times further away from Earth than when it was formed 4.5 billion years ago.
55. 56 billion farm animals are killed every year.
56. Microsoft owner Bill Gates earns $7.8 billion a year, which is about $20 million a day, or also $250 per second!
57. The TV Show "Seinfeld" made US$2.7 billion on reruns through June 2010 since it went off the air in 1998.
58. Legalizing marijuana would generate $9 billion dollars in federal and state tax revenue annually.
59. The Pokémon franchise is worth over $24 billion.
60. 35% of billionaires never finished college.
61. For every three million people on Earth, there is one billionaire.
62. 60% of billionaires earned their wealth themselves.
63. The U.S. Army uses 1.5 billion rounds of ammunition a year; Call of Duty players use 1.5 billion rounds every 17 hours.
64. Americans consume 10 billion donuts every year.
65. Americans spend about $65 billion a year on soda.
66. Americans spend more than $5.4 billion dollars on their pets each year.
67. In about 4 billion years, the Milky Way will merge with the Andromeda galaxy.
68. The Black Panther is the richest superhero out of all the Marvel and DC characters, with an estimated value of $500 billion.
69. Avatar was the first movie to make more than $2 billion. Titanic was the second.
70. Titanic was the first movie to make more than $1 billion. Avatar was the second.
71. Every atom in your body is billions of years old. Hydrogen, the most common, was produced in the big bang 13.7 billion years ago.
72. If everyone in America scrounged up their loose change and put it together, they would have $15 billion.
73. Grasshoppers cause billions of dollars in damage to food crops annually, worldwide.
74. The days were only 18 hours long a billion years ago.
75. Termites cause up to $5 billion in damage per year!
76. Tony Stark is $2.4 billion richer than Bruce Wayne.
77. There are about 2.5 billion ‘likes’ on Instagram daily.
78. You would need to build a column of around 40 billion LEGO bricks if you wanted to reach the moon.
79. STDs cost the U.S. health care system $17 billion every year.
80. Billionaire investor Warren Buffet lives in the same house he bought in 1958 for $31, 500.
81. The Mexican Drug Cartels made a combined estimate of $29 billion dollars in 2010 about the same as Google.
82. In a billion years, Earth could collide with Mars or Mercury.
83. if ur sad and lonely just remember there are billions of cells in your body and all they give a dam about is u
84. John D. Rockefeller was the first billionaire ever
85. Scientists have discovered a giant cloud of alcohol – spanning 288 billion miles – floating in space.
86. Every atom in your body is billions of years old.
87. Regulations instituted by George W. Bush cost the U.S. $8.1 billion annually Regulations by Obama cost $46 billion annually.
88. 1.6 billion people — a quarter of humanity — live without electricity.
89. Santa Claus would have to eat 8.03 billion cookies to replace the 626 billion calories he would burn delivering presents to the world.
90. Approximately 100 billion people have lived on earth.
91. YouTube sees about 4 billion video views every day.
92. If you had one billion dollars and spent $1, 000 every day, it would take 2, 749 years for you to spend it all.
93. Collectively, teenagers in the U.S. spend about $43 billion every year.
94. $83 billion in productivity is lost each year to depression in the U.S., according to a study.
95. It has been estimated that the synthetic marijuana business generates nearly $5 billion a year.
96. About 108 billion people have lived on earth.
97. The chances of you dying by laughter are 15 billion to 1
98. Our galaxy probably contains at least 2 billion planets like Earth.
99. Coffee is the most popular beverage in the world, with more than 400 billion cups consumed each year
100. J.K. Rowling was the first author to become a billionaire from writing books.
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