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58 Awesome actor facts

Enjoy these fun, incredible, interesting, awesome and random actor facts.

1. During the making of the movie "The Passion of the Christ" the actor who played Jesus was struck by lightning during crucifixion scene.
2. Kryptonite was invented because Supermans original voice actor wanted time off, and the only way to do this was to make ...
3. The resistance of the wealthy to paying taxes was one of the factors contributing to the collapse of the Roman Empire.
4. Jim Cummings, The voice actor for Winnie the pooh, calls sick kids in hospitals and talks to them in character.
5. Actor Alan Rickman (Professor Snape) has been with his first girlfriend since 1965—since he was 19 years old.
6. The Toyota Supra which Brian drives at the end of "Furious 7" actually belonged to the late actor Paul Walker.
7. Growing up, Mark Ruffalo was the only introvert in a family of extroverts—his family was surprised when he wanted to be an actor.
8. The character Mickey Mouse was named after the American actor Mickey Rooney, whose mother, Walt Disney had dated.
9. Leo DiCaprio is the highest grossing actor to have never acted in a sequel, and never won an Oscar.
10. Scientists have created a tractor beam.
11. Will Smith and Eva Mendes were the first minority actors to play leads in a hit romantic comedy.
12. Both Maggie and Rick from "The Walking Dead" TV show are played by British actors.
13. During the making of the movie "The Passion of the Christ" the actor who played Jesus was struck by lightning during crucifixion scene.
14. The director of the movie, "Fury" encouraged the actors to fight every morning before shooting.
15. The contractor who used to make the Medal of Honor once illegally sold 300 for $75 each.
16. The actor who played the farmer in the movie "Babe" decided to go vegan after working closely with the "extraordinary animals" in the film.
17. A study found that female actors see their income rise until the age of 34, while male actors make more money every year until they turn 51.
18. Bill Paxton and Lance Henriksen are the only actors to have been killed by a Terminator, an Alien, and a Predator.
19. China’s factories dump 60, 000, 000 tons of waste into the ocean every day — 90% of China’s water is polluted.
20. The original Karate Kid is now the same age as the actor who played Mr. Miyagi was in the movie
21. During the filming of The Exorcist many actors were injured, the set burned down, and a priest was brought in many times to bless the set
22. There is a theater in Russia where all the actors are cats
23. 48.5% of leading actors in broadcast scripted TV shows are women, according to the Hollywood Diversity Report.
24. David Tennant, who played Doctor Who, was inspired as a child to become an actor because he loved the original Doctor Who series.
25. Michael Jordan makes more money from Nike annually that all of the Nike factory workers in Malaysia combined.
26. Neil Patrick Harris is not just an actor... He is also a magician.
27. In the porn business, there are people called "fluffers" whose job it is to get male actors erect again so they can go back to work.
28. White actors are preferred in nearly 70% of casting calls.
29. Being able to control your emotions is a key factor in coping with all the stresses and strains that life throws at people.
30. Leonardo DiCaprio is the highest grossing actor to have never acted in a sequel.
31. Actor Zach Galifianakis is also a skilled pianist.
32. Arnold Schwarzenegger has the most movie kills of any actor of all time.
33. Professional porn actors are actually 80 percent less likely to have an STD than members of the public of the same age.
34. Former NFL quarterback Vince Young spent $5K a week at The Cheesecake Factory.
35. The Los Angeles porn industry requires its actors to get HIV testing every two weeks.
36. Male porn actors are paid up to three times as much to be in gay porn instead of straight porn.
37. The child actor who plays the carefree Luke Dunphy on Modern Family is a member of high IQ society Mensa and is ready to start college.
38. Actor Willem Dafoe was expelled from high school for making a pornographic film.
39. Ashton Kutcher studied biochemical engineering in college, before dropping out to become a model and actor.
40. The Oscar voting academy is 94% white and 77% male — last year, not a single minority was nominated for best actor, director, or screenplay.
41. The voice actor of SpongeBob is married to the voice actor of Plankton’s computer wife (Karen) in real life.
42. The voice actors for Mickey and Minnie Mouse are married in real life.
43. Workers at various iPad factories operate in conditions so horrible, they are forced to sign anti suicide pledges.
44. "Text neck" is a term chiropractors use for patients suffering from neck, back and shoulder pain due to hunching over while texting.
45. In August 2001 actor James Woods reported to authorities 4 suspicious males on his flight. Those males were the 911 hijackers on a dry run.
46. Factory farmed pigs are sent to slaughter after just six months of life.
47. Google takes over 200 factors into account before delivering you the best results to any query in a fraction of a second.
48. Actors George Clooney and Tom Hanks are both related to former U.S. president Abraham Lincoln.
49. As a struggling actor, Jim Carrey reportedly auditioned more than once for the role of Edward Scissorhands.
50. North Korea hired Chinese actors to show up to the World Cup and cheer for their team in the stands.
51. Before being an actor, Bruce Willis worked as a private investigator.
52. Actors who play zombies on "The Walking Dead" had to go through zombie school to learn how to walk and move like zombies.
53. Lamborghini cars were invented when the Lamborghini tractor company was insulted by the creator of Ferrari.
54. The popular Los Angeles beverage Original New York Express Iced Coffee is made in a factory in Singapore.
55. There have been 47 Charlie Chan Movies, with six actors playing the part. None were Chinese.
56. 85% of movie actors earn less than $5, 000 a year from acting.
57. Actor John Wayne made more than 200 movies.
58. In the early 1960's, Porsche commercially manufactured farm tractors.
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