About Us

Random Facts Consulting is a strategy and management consulting firm based out of Victoria in Australia. Our focus is on building sustainable competitive advantage for our clients and helping them become industry leaders.
We have the experience of working across multiple industries and functional areas – enabling us to bring in fresh ideas and a strategic perspective to every engagement. Our insights are backed up by a rigorous process of analysis and solution development. This ensures that our recommendations are well researched, practical and tailored to an organisation’s requirements. In many instances, we also take on the role of implementation managers.
Random Facts ’ clients includes leaders across various industries. We believe in long term relationships with our clients, and have worked on multiple engagements with most of them.

Our ability to put advanced analytics quickly into a business context and create impact from it is what sets us apart. We work in three modes where we
1) Analyze data, act on it, and put it into an Industrialized “always on” solution
2) Dive deep into a specific business problem and solve for it
3) Work to create a culture in an organization that is data driven and customer obsessed.