Information on Printed Balloons

A printed balloon is a type of bag which is flexible. It has to be inflated with gases like helium, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrous oxide, air and water. Moreover, current generation make balloons with latex, rubber and nylon material. Stamped balloons are made of many colors with cartoons or logos printed on it for advertisement for companies.


Printed inflatable can be used for many occasions such as birthday parties, weddings, school events, other festivals etc. There are many balloons with different types of colors for different occasions such as balloon in the shape of cartoons the face of the balloon is printed to make it look interesting for kids. Designed balloons are also used by companies for advertisement. There are different types of image-print balloons such as: 

  1. There is a type of balloon called the twisted balloon in which the balloon is twisted to make an interesting shape such as a shape of a dog, penguin, cat; etc in this type of balloon the face of the object is printed to make it look nice. 
  1. Pencil balloon is a type of balloon in which the balloon can  take the shape of a stick which is used by children of the age 5 to 6 years enjoy playing games such as sword fighting, rocket some of them are also printed with drawing like rocket, sword. 
  1. Party balloons these are the balloons which are commonly used by people in parties. They are in different colors which are filled with gases such as helium nitrous oxide, air. It is mostly made with natural latex which makes it stretchable. These balloons are printed to make the party look graceful.                                                                    

The balloons are filled with different types of gases such as filling a balloon with air, and balloons can also be filled with mouth. The balloon which is inflated with oxygen will not float in the sky but if the balloons are inflated with helium or nitrous oxide they will float in the atmosphere very easily and give a very attractive look. You have to be careful with the helium because if you leave it will float and go towards the atmosphere. 

There are some artists who make different types of balloons and print them. They make tubular balloons into sculpture.  

There is a type of balloon called the foil balloon which is made of thin un-stretchable material. These balloons are very attractive. It has a very shiny and reflective surface. These foil balloons were censured in the 1970s for being very costly. 

Printed balloons are very beautiful are make an occasion look very royal and appealing, these have been in use since the beginning of time. 

Designer balloon are made up of different types of materials: 

  1. Synthetic printed inflatable 
  1. Huge printed balloons  
  1. Extra flexible printed balloons  

To blow these printed balloons you will need the help an air pump. 

These balloons are used for decorating and embellish an event, there are balloons known as drop balloons which these fall from a height and land on a targeted area beneath. These balloon shots are also used at New Year’s celebration and different political events as well.  

Hence printed balloons are extremely useful for events, parties.

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