The Relation Between Music and Child Development

The relation between music and child developments has been a matter of dispute since ages. But, the recent studies show that the character formation of a child can be easily influenced by the music which he or she hears. The strength of family relationships can also be doubled by using the magic of music. How it affects children is the prime concern. It is by influencing the ability of a child to imagine a situation. The gaps between the generations which are a major challenge these days are also solved to a certain extent by the role of music.

The favorite color, animal or food of a child is welcomed to the mind when he or she listens to music in order to stimulate the imagination power. This makes the children more efficient and brighter. The expression and element of creativity in the child is also awake through this. This quality is very productive for his or he represent and future life. The next advantage of music on families is the construction and coordination among the members. In fact all the activities of human beings are based on a rhythm. Even the heart beats in a rhythm.

Man has a tendency to follow a rhythm or beat which can arrange coordination. The children specially follow a rhythm which makes it easier to complete a group task in short span of time. In addition, the health benefits of music are also appreciable. A person jump, dance and shake when he or she listens music. This gives him some kind of physical exertion. The mental as well as physical fitness is achieved by regular listening of good music. Psychologists opined that the mood of a person is changed on the basis of nature of music he listens. It is due to some hormonal changes in the body.

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