Importance of Planting Trees in Home Surroundings

The shade and beauty from planting more trees makes the surroundings beautiful. In fact there are many other benefits from trees and plants around the house. The main advantage is the green effect which makes the people living around it nicer and pleasant. The stress and tension can be reduced to a greater extent by this technique. Studies show that patients who have undergone surgery get easily healed by view of trees from the rooms which they are admitted. Spending time amidst the green spaces can give more relief and feel good to the occupants.

What children is taught in the schools about green environment and nature can be experienced by the green space around home. The memories of many events or occasions are immortal by the planting of trees. For instance, when a special guest is home a tree is planted in his memory. It benefits the environment as well as the occupants of house. It is also to be noted that the neighbors also are mutually benefitted with the planters. The entire is benefitted by planting trees since more oxygen is produced in the atmosphere. In case of cities, planting trees makes the traffic slow and safe.

The other benefit of planting trees around the house is the screening of unwanted views and preventing noise from entering the premises. In most cases the design or architectural style of the house is complemented by the presence of green trees. The cooling effect by the trees in summer attracts more people. The quality of air is also increased by filtering the polluted air getting in the premises. The places which are prone to floods and earthquakes should plant trees in order to prevent erosion and weathering. The number of wildlife or animals also increases with the increase of number of trees.

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