Tips when Making Friends in the Internet

With the popularity of social media in this generation, it has indeed become the perfect medium for many to make new friends and reconnect as well to their long lost friends. However, making new friends online has also become a bit hazardous these days especially now that a lot of fraudulent and ill-motive individuals are merely waiting for their prey online. How then should you make friends online without the hazard that goes along with it. There are actually a lot of ways for you to do that. It is important for you to make the necessary precautionary measures for it. Here are some tips for you to somehow safely make friends online:

  • Do not be too trusting – when making new friends online it will help a lot for you not to be too trusting. This is to make sure you will not be divulging essential information to your new friend online which might be used against you in the future. Thus, always bear in mind not to become a “tell all” friend to your new found friend online.
  • Never divulge your entire identity – this should be what you will always remember when making friends online. You must know that thousands of people are becoming victims of identity theft online each day around the world. You must not be among them. Basic information like your nickname and age will be sufficing enough to make new friends online.
  • Always keep confidential matters to yourself – making friends online should not involve you with financial matters. Hence, always be careful when your new found friends will show interest in some of your confidential information like your finances. It should be a cause for alarm and more than enough clue that you have to be even more careful in dealing with that kind of friend.


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